Fundamentals of Business Writing

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Fundamentals of Business Writing by Mind Map: Fundamentals of Business Writing

1. Crafting Business Messages

1.1. Routine Messages

1.2. Negative messages

2. Building and Audience Profile

2.1. Identify the primary audience

2.2. Determine the audience size

2.3. Determine the audience composition

2.4. Gauge the audience level of understanding

2.5. Estimate the audience' problem reaction and tailor the message to receive your desired effect.

3. Applying the 3-Step Writing Process

3.1. Plan your message

3.2. Write your message

3.3. Complete the message

4. Writing for Business Environment

4.1. Use short sentences and simple words

4.2. Get straight to the point

4.3. Be factual and ethical

4.4. 4. Be consistent

4.5. 5. Use the appropriate tone

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