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President by Mind Map: President

1. Inherent Powers- Regulate Immigration, deport aliens, protect against subversion, diplomatic recognition of other nations

2. Checks & Bal. Powers- Executive: President can nominate and / or pardon people&crimes. Legislative- Power to press legislation, declare war Judicial- Power to review actions of the president, and can review laws passed.

3. Constitutional Powers- president can veto or sign a bill

4. Head Of State- An inspiring example of the American people.

5. Chief Exec.- How laws are enforced, says who is officials/advisors, helps run Exec. branch

6. Legisl. Leader- Constitution gives him power to influence lawmaking, and speak on what vetos/pass of laws they are against.

7. Econ Planner- Expected to help run Economy, care about unemployment, taxes, and general prosperity.

8. Party Leader- Helps members of party get elected, helps campaign

9. Chief Diplomat- American diplomats decide what to say to foreign governments., the President makes the foreign policy.

10. Commander in Chief- In charge of US Military, chooses where troops stationed, ships sent, and how weapons used.

11. Executive Order- Basically above a law, doesn't have a legislative process like a bill. Trump signs order punishing work req. in return for welfare.

12. Political Patronage- Privilege, aid. When an election won, candidate can appoint others, usually from political support rather than being a good person. For example, a president can appoint someone because they are his best friend.

13. To be president- 35 years old, US citizen, live in the US for at least 14 years, born in the us. Good traits- intelligent, etc. (obviously)