Culture of Health

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Culture of Health by Mind Map: Culture of Health

1. Individual practices

1.1. Safe medication practices

1.1.1. not self-prescribing

1.1.2. not self-medicating

1.2. Consulting doctors for diagnosis

1.2.1. open conversations

1.3. Exercise and diet

1.4. Personal health advocate

1.4.1. research options

2. Government

2.1. FDA Regulation

2.1.1. less accessibility to addictive prescription drugs

2.1.2. Research and Development safer and cost-efficient alternatives

2.2. Access to treatment

2.2.1. Better accessibility to rehabilitation facilities throughout counties

2.2.2. Funding to aid in treatment of addiction

2.2.3. Preventative programs

3. Healthcare system

3.1. Pharmacists

3.1.1. Advocates for drug education

3.2. Doctors

3.2.1. Taking more of an upstream approach; identifying a cause rather than just treating the symptoms

3.3. Prescribers

3.3.1. Caution when prescribing medications; particularly those most commonly linked to addiction

3.3.2. Try non-drug alternatives first; prescriptions are last resort

4. Community

4.1. Education

4.1.1. more programs like GenerationRx

4.1.2. Information available to all demographics

4.2. Equality

4.2.1. Accessibility to all

4.2.2. Affordability of treatment

4.3. Promotion of diet and exercise

4.3.1. Parks

4.3.2. Gardens