Internet, the web, and Electronic Commerce

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Internet, the web, and Electronic Commerce by Mind Map: Internet, the web, and Electronic Commerce

1. Browsers: well known Browsers are: •Apple Safari. •Google Chrome. •Microsoft Internet Explorer. •Mozilla Fire fox.

2. The Internet& the web

2.1. Common Uses: •Communication. •Shopping. •Searching. •Education. •Entertainment.

3. Acess

3.1. Providers: Internet Service Provider (ISP).

3.2. URL Basic Parts: 1-Protocol. 2- Domain name.

3.3. Top Level Domain(TLD)

3.3.1. .com

3.3.2. .edu

3.3.3. .gov

3.3.4. .net

3.3.5. .org

3.3.6. .mil

4. Commincation

4.1. Messaging: 1-Text Messaging. 2-Instant Messaging.

4.2. Email

4.2.1. Basic Type: 1-Client-Based. 2-Web-Based.

4.3. Social Networking : Facebook. Google. Linked in.

4.4. Blogs, Microblogs, Webcast, Podcast and Wikis.

5. Search Tool

5.1. Search Engine : specialized programs to help locate information.

5.2. Specialized Search Engine: Focus on subject-specific websites.

6. Electronic Commorce

6.1. Three basic types: •Business to consumer(B2C). •Consumer to consumer(C2C). •Business to business(B2B).

6.2. Basic Payment Option

6.2.1. Credit Card

6.2.2. Digital Card

7. Web Utlities

7.1. Plug ins

7.2. Filters

7.3. File Transfer

7.4. Internet Security Suite

8. Cloud Computing

8.1. Clients

8.2. Internet

8.3. Content Evaluation: 1-Authority. 2-Accuracy. 3-Objectivity. 4-Currency.

8.4. Service Provider