Why should we have longer recesses?

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Why should we have longer recesses? by Mind Map: Why should we have longer recesses?

1. Guidelines

1.1. Anything goes!

1.2. No criticism or flaming allowed

1.3. The Wilder The Better

1.4. Quantity is Quality

1.5. Set a Time Limit

2. You will get more exercise

2.1. we can run

2.2. we can jog

2.3. we can play tag

2.4. play octopus

2.5. we can spend more time in dance club to learn the moves better

2.6. have more time to bring a pet to school

3. you can play/practice more basketball

3.1. it will build muscle

3.2. make you more healthier

3.3. help the basketball team at Beckett Farm P.S.

3.4. we can practice your skills so we can play and compete on the school team one day and win trophies for the school

4. You can chat/talk with you friends!

4.1. more time with your friends

4.2. play with your friends different games

4.3. have fun!

5. you can use your imagination

5.1. it will help you with visualizing and learning

5.2. creativity

6. explore the environment

6.1. learn about animals, creatures, plants

6.2. helps us learn more about science

6.3. we can pick up trash which helps our community

6.4. help animals and endangered animals

7. You can become more healthy

7.1. We only get 1 hour and 20 minutes of recess in a day.

7.2. we won"t be stuck inside all day

7.3. we can have class outside

7.3.1. learn about the environment

7.3.2. get first hand experience that is not in a textbook

7.3.3. learn about grass, plants, creatures, etc.

8. inside can be boring when doing too much work

8.1. we need those breaks so we can focus in the classroom

9. testing zone

9.1. dfffjb

9.2. djgjdgd