Our Health Care Culture

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Our Health Care Culture by Mind Map: Our Health Care Culture

1. Healthcare

1.1. Doctors

1.1.1. Diagnosing the issue and helping to treat the symptoms.

1.2. Pharmacists

1.2.1. Sell the drug, and provide education about safety when using drugs.

2. The Community

2.1. Education

2.1.1. Help with the overall understanding of drugs to prevent abuse/misuse.

2.2. Accessability

2.2.1. Those able to easily find drugs, and have the ability to afford drugs.

3. Government Regulation

3.1. The FDA

3.1.1. Very little access to addictive substances, and those needing opioids must receive a prescription.

3.2. Rehabilitation

3.2.1. Centers funded by the government can help those get through addiction.

4. Individuals

4.1. Self-Prescribing

4.1.1. Internet and television advertisements encourage self-prescribing and self-medicating.

4.2. Abuse

4.2.1. Those abusing medication are primarily doing so because they are becoming dependent on it.