Speech & Writing

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Speech & Writing by Mind Map: Speech & Writing

1. Topics

1.1. Child Abuse

1.1.1. Argumentative/Persuasive Essay

1.1.2. Editing an article on the topic

1.1.3. Presentation on child abuse

1.1.4. Persuasive speech on chosen side

1.2. Role Model

1.2.1. Pick a role model (celebrity)

1.2.2. Research the selected role model

1.2.3. Produce an essay thanking the role model

1.2.4. Reasons why you selected that person

1.2.5. Present a presentation (Power Point) on Role Model

1.3. Smoking

1.3.1. Review a couple of articles on smoking

1.3.2. Class discussion on how to prevent smoking in Dubai

1.3.3. Produce a couple of skits to persuade people to quit smoking

1.3.4. Make a speech on reasons not to smoke

2. Grammar

2.1. Capitalizing words

2.2. When to use commas

2.3. When to use apostrophes

2.4. When to use Question marks, and exclamations or full stops

3. Vocabulary

3.1. Vocabulary words spelling

3.2. Vocabulary words to put in two sentences

3.3. Meanings of Vocabulary words

4. Spelling

4.1. Spelling tests

4.2. Spelling quizzes