A Culture of Health

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A Culture of Health by Mind Map: A Culture of Health

1. Easier access to healthy foods

1.1. Stop the Dairy

1.1.1. Creating laws that stop the subsidy of grain and diary products

1.2. Starting in Schools

1.2.1. Providing nutritionally dense foods in schools

1.3. Increasing free Lunch Programs

1.3.1. Increasing free lunch programs that include healthy foods for children in poverty, which can be their only meal of the day sometimes

2. Easier access to insurance

2.1. Bring back the single payer system

2.1.1. Guarantee access to healthcare for everyone, which lowers public costs and increases general wellness

2.2. Coverage for More

2.2.1. Push insurance companies to cover psychotherapy and rehab for individuals with drug problems

3. Easier access to PsychoTherapy

3.1. More Rehab Centers

3.1.1. Create more rehab centers that accept lower income patients

3.2. Therapy in Prisons

3.2.1. Create steady psychotherapy for individuals that are incarcerated to reduce the turnover rate

3.3. Mandatory Therapy

3.3.1. Introduce Mandatory psychotherapy for prisoners from a drug offense

4. Reducing Prescriptions for pain

4.1. Increasing Thresholds

4.1.1. Increasing thresholds for opioid prescriptions with the pain experienced

4.2. Medication as a last Resort

4.2.1. Recommending other options and if those fail, go to medication

4.3. Monetary Prescribing

4.3.1. Stop pharmaceutical companies from bribing doctors to prescribe their drug, and keep doctors responsible for prescriptions with a log

5. Increasing Personalization in Care

5.1. DNA Tests

5.1.1. Increase DNA tests that test for conditions like heart disease

5.2. Health Records

5.2.1. Increase in electronic health records and information stored

5.3. Communication

5.3.1. Increase communication between a patients doctors and their primary care physician