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Dreaming by Mind Map: Dreaming

1. everybody dreams even when you think you don't; dreaming doesn't affect your sleep unless you have bad dreams

2. is dreaming good for you

3. why do we dream

3.1. we dream most when our body is in REM sleep that is when we are most active

4. do you remember all of your dreams

4.1. you might be able to in the morning but in the afternoon you probably wont remember anything unless on a normal base you do remember your dreams

5. how many times a night do you dream in a 8 hour sleep cycle

5.1. generally you dream 4-6 times a night in a 8hr sleep cycle

6. Sleep disorders affect normal sleep patterns. There are three major types of sleep disorders. Insomnia, Being unable to fall asleep and stay asleep. Sleep apnea, a breathing disorder in which breathing stops for 10 seconds or more.

7. does dreaming affect your sleep

7.1. dreaming can affect your sleep if your doesn't consist of paralysis, paralysis is when you lose the ability to move when sleeping which can cause to death.

8. REM sleep

8.1. REM stands for rapid eye movement when your body is in REM sleep you are not fully asleep and this is when you are most active

9. paralysis

9.1. paralysis is when you lose the ability to move and feel anything in your body which can lead to bad illnesses and injuries. This happens when something goes wrong with the way messages pass between your brain and muscles.

10. NREM sleep

10.1. stands for non-rapid eye movement. This is when your body doesn't have as much movement and activity in the brain. NREM sleep comes before REM sleep and it repeats after every cycle NREM sleep has 3 stages each can last 5-15 minutes before you go into REM sleep.

11. sleeping disorders