Passion Project-Brainstorm

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Passion Project-Brainstorm by Mind Map: Passion Project-Brainstorm

1. What programs would help connect staff more with students?

2. How can I be more involved with the people around me?

3. How would I get people to show a deeper understanding of issues within our society?

4. What are you passionate about?

4.1. sports

4.2. reading

4.3. music

4.4. photography

5. What do you enjoy?

5.1. art

5.2. writing

5.3. reading

5.4. helping others

6. What do you wish you could do?

6.1. help more within the community

6.2. have more time to myself

6.3. find a way to get more involved with those around me

6.4. help out the LGBT that can't get the support they need

7. What are you interested in?

7.1. I would like to see more involvement within the community

7.2. cooking

7.3. the idea of being independent

7.4. creating something of my own involving writing

8. Is there a school problem that you would like to see solved?

8.1. the lack of school spirit

8.2. no involvement from student body

8.3. more interactive study programs rather than just worksheets

8.4. lack of communication between staff and students

9. Is there a community/world problem that you would like to see solved?

9.1. the ignorance of issues that are prominent in societies outside of our own

9.2. the lack of compassion for those less fortunate than us

10. What is something unique that I can create of my own?

11. Is there a way I can get people to care more about the environment?