Task List Online Inclusive Club GOAL - MARCH 2019 CHARTER

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Task List Online Inclusive Club GOAL - MARCH 2019 CHARTER by Mind Map: Task List Online Inclusive Club GOAL - MARCH 2019 CHARTER

1. Follow up with Jim re: conference

2. discuss pathways options for DVS and CC - review letters

2.1. how to do a AV presentation online

2.1.1. how to screen share

2.2. tt existing team

2.2.1. What is and isnt working

2.3. Tt others from pwd group re: preping “statement” re this is what is happening, - people can’t succeed, leaving, not joining - social model of disability lens.

2.3.1. issue is that what they're providing is bandaid only

2.4. how to do pathways for 2 clubs

2.4.1. tt brian Dodd re: online speech craft

2.5. review governing documents

3. Info gathering

3.1. tt sue re: viability and add facebook post, also question re online speechcraft.

3.1.1. potential times

3.2. look at options for DVS and CC email team

3.2.1. live described What key visual elements are described? A script is written to clearly and vividly describe key visual elements that a blind or partially-sighted person would otherwise miss, such as actions, clothing, facial expressions, settings and scene changes Will need to explain this to people and demonstrate.

3.2.2. speak into word or trancribe give speech to this person beforehand

3.2.3. confirm options & test at club

4. Charter Club

4.1. tt sue re: marketing and sponsoring: survivors club

4.2. brainstorm how inclusive club will work

4.2.1. sue re: zoom live captioning amara and read aloud for accessibility

4.2.2. 125 fee + new member fee + annual fees

5. marketing

6. forms

7. How the club wil work

7.1. Zoom has

7.1.1. https://zoom.us/accessibility Captioning and raised text

7.2. Wll need logistics manager to help with

7.2.1. https://support.microsoft.com/en-ca/help/17463/windows-7-connect-to-another-computer-remote-desktop-connection https://support.apple.com/kb/PH25596?locale=en_CA

7.2.2. May need mentor who can do this specifically Show my screen on mac or PC by video and they copy Pictorial and described guides on main web page

7.3. Description live

7.3.1. https://digital.gov/2014/06/30/508-accessible-videos-how-to-make-audio-descriptions/

7.4. Autism & computers?

7.5. Non judgmental, allow for quirks,

7.6. marketing strategy??

7.7. review plan re: explain to peopl how it will work with description and CC