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1. Definition: "Stress is the way we react or respond physically, mentally, and/or emotionally to various conditions, changes, and demands of life."

1.1. Chronic Stress

1.2. Acute Stress

2. Causes of stress for college students

2.1. Academics

2.2. Work

2.3. Finances

2.4. Family

2.5. Relationships

3. Potential solutions to stress:

3.1. Physical exercise

3.2. Breathing Exercises

3.3. CalmCircle

3.4. Sleep

3.5. Using planning strategies

3.6. Develop positive relationships

4. Symptoms of Stress:

4.1. Difficulty focusing or concentrating

4.2. Increased anxiety

4.3. Frustration

4.4. Moodiness or change in temperament

4.5. General irritability

4.6. Feeling out of control or overwhelmed

4.7. Restlessness or fatigue

4.8. A change in behavior or routines