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tms web resources by Mind Map: tms web resources


1.1. more frequent showcasing of what's being done in schools on

1.1.1. less emphasis on blog as catch-all

1.1.2. better integration of what's happening on the ground in schools through brief "Resources or Project" content type and links to school sites

1.2. better Social Networking integration

1.2.1. more prominent feeds of tweets and targetted diigo tags (see " resources" on other side)

1.2.2. share what we're reading, saying, and watching in the MLE community

1.3. use TMS to push out to schools instead of creating content directly on school sites

1.3.1. planning templates

1.3.2. curriculum-building resources

1.3.3. how-to templates

2. foci & pain points

2.1. integration of various feeds from 3rd parties into the main content areas

2.2. styling to make sources of info clear (us or others in the field)

2.3. styling to make clear how to follow us

2.4. ability to merge aggregated content with native stuff

2.5. Pain Points

2.5.1. publishing similar content on others' sites, and not TMS

2.5.2. no time to write narrative about all of the things I'm doing -- want to represent the links in a clean way

2.5.3. "Current Projects" blog is not showing enough about the work on the ground

2.5.4. like the simplicity of managing 2 types of content (blogs/pages), but need more separation of strands for different audiences.

2.5.5. I can't find my own best stuff (b/c it's buried on my site, or someone else's)

2.6. Need Flexibility to embed/incorporate 3rd party content (multimedia)

3. site map

3.1. home

3.1.1. "features" block node queue on the home page any video, resource, or blog should be eligible TMS MISSION BLOCK NAMLE BLOCK

3.1.2. featured tweet latest ~5+ rotating in a featured slot follow us: links to @themediaspot

3.1.3. headlines: latest 3 NOTES posts from blog latest Projects latest Tools

3.1.4. mission statement & link to About TMS

3.2. "notes"??? (formerly "news" or "blog")

3.2.1. orgaizational news

3.2.2. occasional articles on trends big picture

3.2.3. blocks to related RSS, & MLE Productions, School Resources

3.3. "tools" index

3.3.1. tutorials

3.3.2. software

3.3.3. templates

3.3.4. school curriculum & communications (TAG ?)

3.3.5. trends in the field and all of the above that are related

3.4. "projects" index

3.4.1. index (a.k.a. "MLE Classroom Resources TAG ?")

3.5. media literacy

3.5.1. main page media literacy (definitions & concepts aka "research base") (page featuring filterable list of standards nodes)

3.5.2. learning standards (& concepts)(page) need: simple text about how we integrate need: explanation of how standards are listed on "Resources/Projects" on and possible feed of the latest "productions" need: feeds of articles from diigo tagged "standards" links to the standards we follow: CCSS, NAMLE, Media Literacy Questions/Concepts Links to others that inform ours: NCTE, ISTE, Route 21, etc.

3.5.3. media literacy in the world (new) column 1 (formerly) reading list permanent links with images to foundational texts with my blurb(?) (pruned from current list) feed of latest 5 from Diigo tags "tms" "research" column 2 (formerly) viewing list permanent links with images/embeds(?) to foundational videos with my blurb(?) (pruned from current list) a feed of the latest 5 from the Diigo tag "tms" "video" (formerly) media links could be my RSS feed from Google Reader of favorite scholars/sources blogs... including the NAMLE marketplace. feature window with latest video ready to play

3.6. about us

3.6.1. current projects (or collaborators) Index of Collaborator Content Type Nodes

3.6.2. who we are

3.6.3. history

3.6.4. contact

3.6.5. Work with TMS ?

3.6.6. ARCHIVES (NEW IDEA) our philosophy (CIRCA 2006) idea: merge with media literacy page idea: wrap into intro to foundational texts page (currently "reading list")

3.7. global stuff

3.7.1. social media links (google+, facebook, twitter)

3.7.2. header: logo, meta links (dropdown)

3.7.3. footer: & affiliations list of new stuff dtek attribution (hoping for kickbacks!)

4. feeds linked to


4.1.1. currently: link at top of media links shows all bookmarks

4.1.2. videos/multimedia (change to "viewing list" and/or curriculum)

4.1.3. diigo tags to aggregate on media-ed-resource (phasing out) file in: "reading list", "ml curriculum", "tools" "media literacy curriculum" curriculum activities game(s) media-ed-resource article "scholarly research" other's projects (aka "curriculum") video production examples or articles NEW: "internet research" standards ed-tech (if it's talking about how to use a tool) tools ed-tech (if it's talking about a tool) resource video software "internet research" online tools reading list articles books "scholarly research" "viewing list" (any videos bookmarked)

4.1.4. needs/questions divide up tags to feed into different "resources" lists on can Drupal bring them in as a feed(s) with annotations? i.e. the "descriptions" field from

4.2. twitter

4.2.1. tms tweets often re-posting what's on our blog, or some notes on why I think something is relevant for our audience most direct line to others in the MLE community -- PR for TMS will be redundant with diigo articles/links sometimes

4.2.2. #medialiteracy

4.3. media literacy RSS feeds we follow

4.3.1. currently using Google Reader

4.3.2. not currently linked on

4.3.3. needs/questions list of who we follow on resources (maybe replacing or added to "media links") how does this jive with "reading list" I see this as a "links" page - though it won't cover everyone in the field (some don't have RSS)

4.4. facebook "page" (doesn't exist yet)

4.4.1. operating as Rhys Daunic, not tms

4.4.2. need to create a "page" for TMS

4.4.3. need tweets to auto-post there

4.4.4. need a "like our Facebook Page" link

4.5. google+

4.5.1. created a "media literacy" "circle"

4.5.2. no presence as tms, only Rhys Daunic

4.5.3. not sure how it will play in yet

4.6. Google Docs (will link out to them)

4.7. Vimeo Video Host

5. content types

5.1. blogs

5.1.1. embedded media (video, images, charts, etc.); full-HTML ability

5.1.2. optional blocks for related tags

5.1.3. EXAMPLE: NCTE 2011 Film Fest Post Video nodes embedded Tag for other NCTE content, Other Conferences, related videos i.e. PSAs News body text Links to related tools (great if these were easy to pull from a dropdown or something?) Links to related projects (great if these were easy to pull from a dropdown or something?)

5.2. pages

5.2.1. with 2ndary column blocks (i.e. "widgets")

5.2.2. rss feeds

5.2.3. "realted material" block (design for this)

5.2.4. EXAMPLE: Media Literacy Page Lots of "related" lists (i.e. links to favorite Media Literacy Orgs, Media Literacy Standards, etc.) could be RSS could be from Dropdowns of Tools, Standards on-site (?) on the Media Literacy Page example, the lists of Concepts and ML Key Questions would be pulled from "Standards" lists, no? body text

5.3. videos

5.3.1. pasting in url of video from 3rd party hosts Vimeo Youtube

5.3.2. naming convention title who made it (client, 3rd party) age group (i.e. k-12) tags

5.3.3. All videos moved to Pro Account FYI - pay attention to the "playlists" like in the block on the homepage. Could be a Node Queue in Drupal? Rhys is downloading the videos from server, or redigitizing from DV tapes uploading to vimeo

5.4. resources

5.4.1. standards: links to Common Core State Standards, ISTE Standards, Core Principles of Media Literacy

5.4.2. linked resources (i.e. lesson plans, rubrics, unit plans) from Google Docs, or other websites

5.4.3. video embed

5.4.4. Summary (open text area)

5.4.5. block for related material (tags I can drop in?)

5.4.6. may be links to a resource on someone else's site with a brief summary

5.4.7. block for feed of related RSS (i.e. tags from Diigo)

5.4.8. Some would be tagged "Production Unit Resources", some "School Curriculum & Communication Resources"

5.4.9. EXAMPLE: Digital Citizenship Resources currently a blog post List of Links (RSS from Diigo) should I just import from Diigo and start adding the good stuff to TMS? is there a simple way to have a field to keep adding URLs to a page like this?

5.4.10. EXAMPLE: Voicethread Info & Tutorials currently a page link to related Projects on TMS link to related Standards links to related projects elsewhere (RSS from Diigo?)

5.5. projects

5.5.1. standards - link to CCSS, ISTE, NAMLE

5.5.2. summary (open text area)

5.5.3. video embed

5.5.4. Related tools

5.5.5. link to Google Doc unit plans from different clients etc.

5.5.6. Example: GSS Finished Work Process Write-up Embedded Project Video Related Videos ( playlist) Related CCSStandards (not in this post) Related tools (Voicethread, iMovie etc.)

5.6. standards & concepts

5.6.1. Group: (i.e. NETS, CCSS, MLE Concepts, etc.

5.6.2. formal standard name (i.e. RL.6.1)

5.6.3. body: (i.e. 1 sentence standard/concept

5.6.4. URL: linking to official listing of standard

5.6.5. node detail page would show where it's used on the site (i.e. within)

5.7. collaborators

5.7.1. body text description of the org

5.7.2. auto feed of latest content from their tag

5.7.3. auto feed of latest videos from them (node queue)

5.7.4. each node needs to be reviewed/updated yearly

5.7.5. EXAMPLE: Soundview Academy "Current Projects" page

5.8. elements to be featured within content types

5.8.1. tags of client content blog: summary of who they are vocab, like a tag: for each client name

5.8.2. RSS feeds

5.8.3. "related material"

5.8.4. URLs I drop in??? with 1-2 sendtence description like Diigo?