Postcolonial India and Pakistan

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Postcolonial India and Pakistan by Mind Map: Postcolonial India and Pakistan

1. India

1.1. British Colonizatoin (1858)

1.1.1. Oppression 111 Wars fought while occupying India Indian natives looked down on Caste System caused great divide among Indian people

1.1.2. Change in Politics

1.1.3. Change in Education English taught in schools so future Indians could trade with Britain Built universities with English being a strong subject taught

1.1.4. Change in Economy Roads and railways built At first India was an open trade market with Britain Then Britain took complete control of India, taking over banks, capitals, and trading markets

1.1.5. Change in Culture British sought to make India make English Change to Indian morals, tastes, and intellect

1.2. Modern Day India

1.2.1. Hindu and English are main languages

1.2.2. Most Indian elites are fluent in English

2. Pakistan

2.1. Partition of 1947

2.1.1. Separation from India culturally Pakistan is similar, but they do listen to different music, eat different, and dress differently This is mostly because Islam and Hindu call for different things in people

2.1.2. Separation from India linguistically Today, Indians speak Hindi Both languages sound the same, but are written very differently Today, Pakistanis speak Urdu English is also taught in Pakistan It is a result of the British colonization English is learned by upper class people Pakistan's official constitution is written in English, and is an official language of the country

2.1.3. Britain colonized India at a time when India was broken apart religiously Britain tried to separate the groups and make them hate each other to divert the attention away from the British Indians and Pakistanis now fought more over religion than language and ethnicity

2.1.4. WWII, pro-independent Muslims in India said they would help the British fight in return for a separate country