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Intelligence by Mind Map: Intelligence

1. My Definition

1.1. Intelligence is the ability to successfully manuever various aspects of society for personal gain. There are many different types of intelligence including social, cultural, and emotional intelligence for example.

2. Questions/Critiques

2.1. It is bothersome that not being part of mainstream culture can negatively affect peoples' intelligence because they do not have the same access to resources. I wonder if there is a way to ensure students of color in the United States who come from working class or poor families will ever be able to have the same access to acquiring intelligence as the mainstream, white, euro-centric culture. My biggest concerns from this article on intelligence centered on young children who do not have parents who can cater to their needs, who do not have access to proper health care, who have trouble putting healthy food on the table. These children are the ones who most need access to the resources that provide the enviornmental opportunities for improving intelligence. I always used to believe that intelligence really meant IQ, I have since learned that other abilities such as social intelligence, the ability to have 'street smarts' and personal interactions (social and interpersonal intelligence) are very significant in survival and success in the work place.

3. How Children Acquire Intelligence

3.1. Children acquire intelligence in various ways including: through their parents, through life experiences, and through genetic factors.

4. Components of Intelligence

4.1. There are many different components of intelligence including: IQ, socio-economic status, gender, ethnicity, culture and cultural experiences, and life experiences all play a role in the development of intelligence. There are other forms of intelligence such as physical and interpersonal intelligence.