The result of the Grounded Theory (Corbin and Strauss) analysis of some interviews I did with nonprofit fundraising managers, trying to answer the question 'how is fundraising strategy affected by Financial accountability' for my MBA Final Management Project at the Grenoble Graduate School of Business

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Story by Mind Map: Story

1. Physiology

2. Evolution

3. History of the story

3.1. Mythology

3.2. Religion

4. Advertising

5. The techniques of storytelling

5.1. The gleaming detail

5.2. Identifying with the hero

5.3. Oral

5.4. Written

6. Story hunting

6.1. The story in your organisation

6.2. the story hunting process

6.2.1. Journalism Accelerated intimacy Interviewing techniques

7. The rationale

7.1. We are susceptible to storytelling

7.2. Emotions drive our decisions

7.3. Stories control emotions

7.4. Control the story, control the emotion

7.5. What's your story?

7.6. What can you DO with your story

7.7. Where does your story live?