Cover crops main functions

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Cover crops main functions by Mind Map: Cover crops main functions

1. Limit erosion

1.1. Limit erosion

1.1.1. Residues on the soil

1.1.2. Limit erosion

1.2. Water use

1.2.1. Roots create pores

1.2.2. Limit runoff

2. Improve soil structure

3. Nurturing soil biota

3.1. C and N exudates by roots attract microorganisms

3.2. Decomposition of cover crops, aerial part and roots

4. Recycling nutrient

4.1. Growth of cover crops use : H20, solar energy and nutrients which are recycling in the soil when the plants die.

4.2. Different depths and preference of absorption of the nutrients.

5. Improve soil organic matter

5.1. Decomposition of cover crops through soil biota

5.2. Recycling matter of cover crops

6. Weeds management

6.1. Allelopathic compounds

6.2. Soil cover

7. Pests and diseases management

7.1. Natural defense of plants and soil biota

7.2. Oxygenation of soil limit the development of anaerobic pathogens.

7.3. Plants could be natural enemy of pests.

8. Increase biomass

8.1. Cover crops are growing, increase belowground and aboveground biomass