Hold me fast don't let me pass

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Hold me fast don't let me pass by Mind Map: Hold me fast don't let me pass

1. Antoinette

1.1. the owner of the hotel

1.2. wore a suit in a perfect condition

1.3. Hazel asks her about Margaret and about Frank when he used to visit

1.4. lies about her age and hair colour

1.5. Offers to take Hazel because Dugley wasn't avalible

1.6. Wants to get a divorce but she doesn't know where to find her husband

1.7. Vomits on her way out Miss Dobey's house

2. Dugley Brown

2.1. in a class would be a troublemaker

2.2. Mistook him for the barman

2.3. offers to take Hazel to Margaret

2.4. Said to Antoinette: I'm off now my lamb

2.4.1. Hazel gets confused by this

2.5. Has his own home with his mother

2.5.1. Gets his meals at the hotel

2.6. Tells Hazel about the battle

2.6.1. Telling the story with a certain smile

2.7. Hold me fast don't let me pass

2.7.1. Receited the same poem Boy captured by fairies is scared for hell and longs for a human world again.

2.7.2. Receital was like singing

2.8. Discovers that Cornhole is at a different place than Antoinette had told

2.9. Is interested of the lives of Jody and her child

3. Miss Dobey

3.1. has big feet

3.1.1. Frank borrowed her boots but got them dirty

3.1.2. She took revenge

3.1.3. She still wears men's shoes

3.2. Took care of an orphan

3.3. She has bright and shifty eyes

3.4. She mistook Antoinette for Hazel

3.4.1. Antoinette gave a bottle of wine to Miss Dobey

3.4.2. Later she recognises Antoinette

3.5. Says Judy's child is illegitamit

3.6. Began to receit a poem

3.6.1. Her scottish accent thickens

3.6.2. Doesn't care about the secuence

4. Hazel

4.1. in her 50's

4.1.1. is a widow

4.2. Went to the royal hotel

4.2.1. she wondered if women were too respectable for a noisy pub

4.2.2. A man came to ask what she wanted to drink, Whiskey Hazel mistook the man's offer for an order

4.3. writes in her notebook

4.3.1. she describes the room she is in

4.3.2. she imaginated what the room would have been like Fantasises about ball roomdances She thinks back of her deceased husband Jack used to go to this hotel He had a relative named Margaret

4.4. Havel was married to Jack

4.4.1. They got 3 children

4.4.2. after she had been married for 15 years, Hazel followed extention courses. Then she got to collage She became a teacher

4.4.3. Frank would get angry every year on rememberenceday

4.5. She tells Dugley why she came here

4.5.1. She and Frank always planned on going on this trip together, But now she came by herself Jack didn't want to go

4.6. Gets mistaken for an American

4.6.1. She corrects Dugley that she is Canadian

4.7. Hazel thinks of Antoinette as a dumpy woman with false teeth

4.8. when she was 30, she had a mental breakdown

4.8.1. Coloured childrens colouring books

4.8.2. Sat in bed one day she said it should stop

4.9. Hazel suspect Antoinette about lying

4.10. She used to listen to the warstories of Frank with a band of other women

4.10.1. Told about the planes Germans giving false information

4.11. Hazel meets Miss Dobey

4.11.1. Talks about her relation with Jack They talk about her old dog About the borrowed shoes

4.11.2. Jack used to ride on Miss Dobey's motercycle

4.12. Hazel rode back from Miss Dobey's house

4.12.1. Hazel remembers a big part of the poem on the way back

4.12.2. She helps Antoinette to her bed

4.13. Thinks about sex and gets intrigued by the thoughts

4.13.1. Promises of: I can make you happy

5. Judy

5.1. Beuatiful hair

5.2. Has a child

5.3. After being insulted she doesn't run off or cry

5.4. Judy carries out Miss Dobey's bidding

5.5. She got some coins from Antoinette