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League of nations by Mind Map: League of nations
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League of nations

Failure to disarm

World Disarmament Conference of 1932: It was a attractive idea for the 54 states since there was an ongoing economic recession. The problem was that the fears of individual states and their reluctance to trust one another

France was only willing to disarm if Britain and U.S did. This was something that they were unable to do

Succeses of the league

eliminate world wide diseases

eg. leprosy

Solve disputes between countries

The Aaland Islands, 1921: The first dispute to be resolved by the League. Dispute between Finland and Sweden claiming for the Aalands. League investigated the matter and awarded the islands to Finland but they had to be demilitarised. Sweden accepted the judgement

Bulgaria, 1925: Greece made to pay 45,000 compensation to Bulgaria after its invasion of Bulgarian territory

Mosul, 1924: Turkey claimed the Kurdish-popualted province of Mosul which was part of the British-mandated territory of Iraq. League investigated the problem and made and award favour of Iraq. Turkey accepted the judgement

Failures of the League of nations

Failure to resolve conflicts

Occupation of the Rhur, 1923: Germany didn't pay reparations in 1922, this matter should have been referred to the League. But instead France alongside Belgium decided to take matters into their own hands and ordered their troops to occupy the Ruhr in Jan, 1923. This gives the impression that the League was little more than a victors club for the pursuit of the victors' interest

Corfu incident, 1923: This is most important dispute with which the League was involved during the 1920s, exposed the weakness and ineffectiveness of the League when dealing with a major power. There was a murder of an Italian general and some of his staff on Greek soil, so Mussolini, the Italian Prime Minister resorted to direct action when Greece was unable to locate the culprits. Greece then, appealed to the League whose initial response was to condemn the invasion, but was eventually was passed on to the Conference of Ambassadors. This body ordered Greece to pay compensation and Italy to withdraw from the Corfu. This showed that their were 2 different rules in the League, one for the Great powers like Italy and another for the smaller like Greece.

Manchuria: Japan invaded Manchuria. League could have called for actions but failed to do so