Question 3: What have you learnt from your target audience?

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Question 3: What have you learnt from your target audience? by Mind Map: Question 3: What have you learnt from your target audience?

1. Location: With this being a British production, the majority of my target audience is based within my home country Britain. The lifestyle and characteristics of the character in the music video and across my ancillary tasks is more realistic to somebody around the same national geographical location. This is reinforced by the chosen locations to film and the photos seen in the insert booklet. which will seem more cultural to the audience's origins, as they may even be able to notice some familiar places.

2. Ethnicity: Ethnicity is not a prominent aspect of my target audience, as my audience members are made up of a diverse range of ethnic backgrounds. It is instead essential that they fall into the other categories outlined, such as the relevant age range and location of occupation: Britain.

3. Age: The age bracket of my target audience is between the range of 22-34. I believe that individuals inside this bracket are most suitable because it is often at this age that people attempt to achieve career aspirations, and subsequently they often take on extra responsibilities, resulting in additional pressure to perform successfully. This means they can relate to the character in the music video. Whilst I do recognise that there is potential for an interest from people below this age range, due to the comical and entertaining transitions between reality and fantasy, I do not believe they will be the main audience. The younger generation may find it hard to appreciate workload pressure. Moreover, an older audience member may not be as actively engaged with the fun activities and fast-paced tempo of both the music video and song.

4. Mass: Due to the synopsis and underlying message of both my music video and ancillaries alike; rather being elsewhere than at work and having the ability to break free from the strains of everyday life, my media productions attract a mass audience. My chosen synopsis is understandable to a large number of individuals considering that according to the 'Office for National Statistics', 32.06 million people are currently employed as of November 2017 in the UK. This is also showing a positive trend by employment increasing 279,000 people from the previous year. This means that many viewers can relate with the artist's emotions and the way he feels about the stress of everyday work life.

5. Interests: The target audience for my media texts have a couple of noteworthy interests, including an enjoyment of high-tempo electronic music and music videos which are comical and uniquely creative.

6. Passive: Throughout the creation of my media texts, I have been able to understand that my target audience is passive. This is because of the rather basic concept of my music video: a man attending work and quickly resorting to daydreaming. The clever use of cutaways, established during post-production, have allowed for the synopsis to be easily understood without the full attention of the audience, as links can be made between the office and daydream scenes.

7. Gender: My target audience is directly made up of a mixture of genders, with the synopsis and visuals of my music video appealing to all sexes in an equal mannerism. It can however be argued that the target audience for my video and ancillaries is more male based. This is because there is only the inclusion of one male character throughout all my different media texts. Due to the lack of female presence, it subsequently means the male audience members may be able to relate more to the artist rather than females. Moreover, as I have had the responsibility of both director and editor, there is also the view that my music video has been established through the eyes of a male, leaving little room for female direction.

8. Habits: My target audience has an abundance of technological equipment to hand, some of which they use to create user-generated content. They take advantage of the rapid proliferation of both hardware and software and the move from 'Web 1.0' to 'Web 2.0' as highlighted by David Gauntlett.

9. Typical audience member: A typical audience member for my media texts would be an individual named 'Bob', aged 24, who lives in Oxford. He is an active online member, who regularly watches 'YouTube' through his own channel. He has interests in music, reading and current world affairs. 'Bob' likes multiple genres from different decades and is always willing to trial something new when listening to music, however his greatest musical interests belong to modern 'Pop' music and 'Electronic Dance Music' genres. He is in employment and enjoys a disposable income in relation to the national average for his age. He will have completed the school education system at comprehensive school, alongside participating in additional curriculum activities. Bob has a positive disposition in life and is always open to the introduction of new ideas and change, whilst always being aspirational to improve himself, in a fun-seeking manner, thus labelling him as an 'antic' upon evaluating the Life Matrix audience analysis tool.

10. Why is this the correct target audience? During the pre-production phase, I spent substantial time researching into audience members, their likely interests, preferences and uses of media texts in terms of consumption habits. I conducted various interviews and questionnaires to help enhance my knowledge. From this, I have been able to establish an understanding of my target audience and ensure that all three of my media texts were created in a way which would suit the needs of my audience members.

11. Financial: My target audience will have a typical disposal income for the national average of their age and will be financially viable in terms of security. This is because they are likely to have finished the education system to a high standard and consequently secured themselves a job.