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NMO Management Sessions by Mind Map: NMO Management Sessions
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NMO Management Sessions

Hi everyone, please fill the missing parts !!! Follow the links included:)) BEAUTIFUL :)))) - Stefan

How to get Started



Typography, Serif, Sans Serif

Colours, Choose Wisely, Kuler, Strategic, Examples, McDonalds, Bright colours, happy feelings, Make them match

Design, Simple, Original, Why simple and original?, Easy and you can use it everywhere

Guidelines, How to use the logo and where?, What components?, How to use them and where?, What kind of templates exist?

Change Management, Create an urgency, Form a powerful coalition, Communicate, Remove obstacles

Exhibition of IFMSA Design Manuals

Corporate Identity


What is Corporate Identity? - Open Floor Discussion, Corporate Design, Communication, the way you communicate, Behaviour, kind of choices you make in your daily life

A little history, aescipus

Why do you need CI for NMOs?, Three Key Words, Recognizability, Professionalism, Identification, seeing other people with the same logo,for example the IFMSA Logo, Discussion, for authenticity, professionalism, to be recognized, to show that we are medical students, to promote our projects, Examples, SWIMSA business cards


what is CI

brands, more specific, x CI is for the whole company, is registred, function of a brand, assurence, navigation, engagement, brand touch points, way how to comunicate with audience, promotion of a brand, involves people emotionally, stakeholders, everyone who we deal with, developing brand, brainstorm, find people, implamentation, customers experience, put him and his needs to your mind, name, first contact, clearify your brand, very important - it can changes everything, character of name, short, easy to remember, original, international, brand architecture, monolithic, one brand , we can put everything in it, Google, endorsed brand, different parts of brand, each of them helps and work for all of them, Apple, IFMSA : SCORA,SCOME,SCORP,SCOPE,SCORE,SSCOPH, tagline, slogan, most catchy, sometimes more important than logo, connected to the brand, nike - Just do it, IFMSA CZ - Czech out the Czechs :), many oportunities to spread, youtube, social networks, media, using superlatives, provocating, specific, main brands of IFMSA

colours, colour system, RGB - Red Green Blue, if they mix they make white, sRGB, adobeRGB, eicRGB, more colours, CMYK - Cyan-Magenta- - Key - Yellow, they mixed make black, ink paper, FOGRA27, ISOcoated_v2_eci, necessery ask the print company to let us download their system, Pantone, spectrum colours, CIELAB, physiological colour space, everything our eye can recognize, biggest available colour space, L - Luminance, A - red/green axis, B - blue/yallow axis, web, abbreviated RGB, 4 bit = 216 colours per channel, easy - use also in smart phones, A7A7A7 = middle grey, colour management, object, making a picture, camera sensor, conversion in different forms JPEG,BMP.., computer editing, publish, online media, commercial printing, white balance, eyes adapting, camera, screan, print

typography, antiqua humanistic, for a long text, antiqua classicistic, for a ong text, Grotesque humanistic, new fonts, calibria, easy to read, modern - for headlines only!, no COMIC SANS!!, web, Tahoma, Arial.., Helvetica, Calibri, Myriad, Futura




What is communication?



4 Ears














Marketings Advanced

What is marketing?


set of institutions

processes of creating


exchanging offerings that have value for customers

Organization IS a product!

Marketing strategy

Analysis, SWOT

Objectivs, SMART

Strategy, Target group, Segment, Positioning

Marketing Mix - best tactics, Product, Place, Price, People, medical students, IFMSA Alumni, Friends, Family, NGO partners, Promotion

Always control!!!, Evaluation,evaluation

Product, Actual, Core, Augmented

Market, Students, Partners, Sponsors, Professors, Researchers, Dean of Faculty

Product life cycle, Sales/Time, Introduction, Growth, Maturity, Decline

KEYS, never forget CI, Be strategic, Think about strategy!, Be consistent, Think deeper about it!

Small Working Groups

Monthly Newsletter

Online System for External Contacts Management

Problems with contacts, Order, each SC owns different contact list, different email accounts

HOMEWORK!, How the contacts are managed right now., Emails, Yahoo server, First class, Suggestions, Which tools are you using right now?, Google contacts, Online spreadsheets, Money - who get an email and who not? (10 emails by google Apps), Pros/Cons, Customer relationship management (ONLINE)

Possible solution, sponsorship from IT organizations, google, novell vibe, yammer, do you suggest anything else_

Communication Project bewtween VPEs

The "fundraising wheel of fortune"

Better Internal Management of an NMO : easy technological solutions

Marketings - Beginning

team working

Advocacy - Changing people´s mind?

how to develop a soco?

Single, Overarching , comunication, Objective, What is you issues?, find new relevant piece of information, it´s different for different audience, clear simple message, SOCO is a purpose of the issue, unique message, EXAMPLE: I would like to make people stop smoking because smoking causes lung cancer and cardiovascular disease

command the attention

clarify the message

communicate a benefit

never lie

cater to the heart and head

create trust



Avoiders, inform or ignore

Champions, who are interested, friends, NMO.., give them information, let them champion your cause

blockers, fight or run, convience, counfront or ignore

silent boosters, educate, enable, motivate


People using only electronic docs, blockers, paper companies, New node, avoiders, old people, developing countries, people without resources, homeless, silent boosters, New node, champion, ecology, New node

organising GA

Conflict resolution


what you want


what does everyone needs, variety, certainity, significance, contribution, growth, love and connection



conflict is not dangerous


Press Briefing - before the action

to specific person which is covering your area

Subject, Catchy :)


Media opportunities

Location, SPECIFIC!

Contact person, has to know everything


Detailed information (visual language)

Press release - after the action


Location,Date, CP


DETAILED INFORMATION: CRUCIAL!, Like newspaper article, Most important information in first paragraph, Quotes




Call, Files, How refference system has to be done, Performance, Photos in high quality, Be specific what are you looking for

Editing, In high quality for print, New node

Design/Layout, Adobe InDesign, Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Publisher

Printing+Distribution, Electronic, Ofset Printing, Offset - better for many copies, Digital Printing, Normal printing, Only for a few copies