School Supply Funding

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School Supply Funding by Mind Map: School Supply Funding

1. Topic and overview

1.1. discuss the introduction to the topic and basic information about school supply funding

2. Background Information

2.1. "Review of Literature" Find sources that will give good background information discussing teachers supplying their classroom

2.2. Included will be pros and cons

3. Perspective 1

3.1. Instead of a Pro page. I will give a view point of the teachers side.

4. Perspective 2

4.1. Instead of a cons page. I will give a view point of the parents, students who are buying their school supplies

5. My Viewpoint

5.1. Discuss why I chose this topic. How I came to my viewpoint and what it is. As well as how my viewpoint has changed over the course of this research.

6. About me

6.1. Give info about myself and how I relate to this topic. Explain why I want to become a teacher and how I came to this decision.

7. Technology

7.1. 4 Photos, Infographic, Powtoon, Youtube video, mind meister, survey, data analysis charts.