Station Rotation Classes

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Station Rotation Classes by Mind Map: Station Rotation Classes

1. 1. Set aim, that we would like to achieve. Split in steps and form the Stations

2. 2. To run the station rotation class you need to prepare stations, that correspond to numbers of the tasks

3. 3. The station - separate task/activity that small group participants need to accomplished, with the fixed timeset,

4. Strengths: 1. Enhance coloboration 2. Timespecific, to plan your clacces 3. Interactive 4. Teambiulding 5. Engagement and ownership 6. developing soft skills 7. creative work

5. How to use it: 1. Limited time 2. Big Group 3. young trainees 4. Different experience students

6. Weaknesses 1. Complicated to balance station challange. 2. Luck of control time and pace from teacher side 3. Time is limited for completing the task

7. Examples: WorldCafe