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Making Connections by Mind Map: Making Connections
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Making Connections

Cathy Evanoff

Howdy! Yeah, Cathy!!

Technology Facilitator


I love learning new web tools

Maria Knee

It is so fun to make connections!

Live in NH

Kindergarten Teacher

See you at NECC!

Dreaming of Vacation

Randy Nance

This is so cool! it Sure is! thanks

MHS student

we appreciate your help!

OBX Hokie Club webmaster

Computer Guru

Bring on the web tools!

Check out my website:

Rendy King


Alice Mercer


I like new stuff!

Kathy Heinrich

Teaching at NHES Rocks!

Bucknell Grad--we love Orange, too!

I was on flag squad in band

Cindy Phthisic

I like the collaborative features in this tool. Me too! 

Instructional Tech

I'll be at NECC!

Lisa Durff

Hello everyone!

I like to be annoying!

Summer classes


Nancy Nance

This is so much more fun than practicing for promotion!

NHES 5th Grade teacher

I'm lost without my son!

Jennifer Maddrell

Here is a special note for CathyE - Yeah!! Hi! 

Skype integration with MindMeister looks cool!


Looks like you can invite via Skype ID, too (maybe)


Check this out!! If you put a link in - it creates the hyperlink - see my embed here -


Check out our Diigo at: