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Self Evaluation by Mind Map: Self Evaluation
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Self Evaluation

Quizzes That I Finished

Week 1 :History of Computing

Week 2 : Computer hardware

Week 3:key commands

week 4 :Computing basics

Week 5:Internet literacy

Week 6:More basics about computers

Week 7:Computer Vocabulary

Week 8: Computer Voacbulary

Week 9:Computer Networks

Week 10:Stimulations

Week 11:Computer Basics

Week 12:Networks

Week 13: Computer Vocab Revisited

Week 14:More computer Voacbulary

Week 15:Computer Basics

Week 16: Computer Vocabulary

Week 17:Computer Vocabulary

Week 18:Computer Basics


VR Movie

VR Movie Power Point

My Website

Internet Applications I Learned To Use

Google sketchup

Free Typing Game

Mind Meister



How I Went About To create...

VR Movie

Power Point used to outline movie

Google Sketchup used to create set used to edit sets etc.

Movie Maker to connect all information

My Website

HTML coding



Informative content

Mindmaps for each subject

Descriptions for each class

What I Learned

How to use a number of different applications

That with hard work almost everything can be acheived

To create a web site

How to create a simple movie

A number of mechanical information from the quizzes