TEDTALKS 4th Grade

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TEDTALKS 4th Grade by Mind Map: TEDTALKS 4th Grade

1. Let's teach kids to code

1.1. Mitch Resnick

2. Don't eat the marshmallow!

2.1. Joachim de Posada

3. Can you really tell if a kid is lying?

3.1. Kang Lee

4. Why do cats act so weird? After you watch, take the quiz!

4.1. Tony Buffington

5. A simple way to tell insects apart

5.1. Anika Hazra

6. What adults can learn from kids

6.1. Adora Svitak

7. An 11-year-old's magical violin

7.1. Sirena Huang

8. An 11-year-old prodigy performs old-school jazz

8.1. Joey Alexander

9. Neil deGrasse Tyson: Kids Are Born Scientists

9.1. *not a TEDTALK

10. How do birds learn to sing? – Partha Mitra

11. The surprising reasons animals play dead - Tierney Thys

12. How does hibernation work? - Sheena Faherty

13. Why isn't the world covered in poop? - Eleanor Slade and Paul Manning

14. The Cambodian myth of lightning, thunder, and rain - Prumsodun Ok

15. Can you solve the egg drop riddle? - Yossi Elran

16. Can you solve the stolen rubies riddle?

17. Can you solve the vampire hunter riddle?

18. Can you solve the giant cat army riddle?