My Vision for the Languages and Literature Faculty

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My Vision for the Languages and Literature Faculty by Mind Map: My Vision for the Languages and Literature Faculty

1. The Basics

1.1. Consistency across all aspects of the Faculty

1.1.1. Marking policy which adheres to whole school approaches Standardisation Approaches Behaviour Management

1.2. Assessment Calendar

1.2.1. Clear and agreed deadlines for assessments to take place Assessment folders to record KS3 assessments which track progress throughout KS Standardisation calendar to take place after the Assessment deadline date This will be done throughout KS3, 4 and 5 Orange Sheets to be used in order mark/assess each piece of work Students expected to respond to feedback and improve work independently before standardisation takes place

1.3. Clear and detailed Schemes of work in place which are skills based but engaging

1.4. Faculty Calendar which runs alongside whole school calendar

1.4.1. Scheduled work scrutiny

1.4.2. Scheduled learning walks

1.4.3. Scheduled Faculty time/briefings

1.5. Teaching and Learning to be consistently good or above in every classroom across the Faculty

2. Teaching and Learning

2.1. Embed TEEP effectively across the Faculty

2.1.1. #TEEPTuesdays to run all day from 9.15 every Tuesday TEEP displays (Thinking Hats etc.) to be visually evident in every classroom

2.2. Create an ethos of sharing resources and ideas

2.3. Subject specific CPD sessions which focus on how to embed effective T&L within our Faculty

2.4. Creative and engaging Schemes of work put into place within all Key Stages.

2.4.1. Student voice to be used in order to design a curriculum which excites and enriches student participation

2.4.2. KS4 texts to be revised in order to maximise student engagement

2.5. Utilize a range of T&L strategies other than TEEP such as Kagan and The Magenta Principles

2.6. Develop challenging curriculum for HAPs

2.7. Make Languages fun and inspiring

2.8. Build more creative opportunities into the curriculum

3. Desirables

3.1. Subject Specific Trips

3.1.1. Creative Writing in the Lake District

3.1.2. Visit Shakespeare's Globe

3.1.3. Whitby

3.1.4. Beamish

3.1.5. Harry Potter World

3.2. Extra Curricular Programme

3.2.1. Brilliant Bloggers Club

3.2.2. Creative writing

3.2.3. Debate/Confident Speakers

3.2.4. Young Poets Society

3.3. Ownership of Mounsey 1st floor

3.3.1. MFL to move down into 1st floor

3.3.2. Faculty Motto and Logo to be displayed upon entry to the Faculty Corridor

3.3.3. Faculty specific displays to run along the whole of the corridor

3.3.4. Corridor to be painted in a 'Faculty' colour scheme (a colour students would associate with the Language and Literature Faculty

4. My Leadership

4.1. Inspiring Leader

4.1.1. 'Open Door' policy - any member of staff can come and observe me Teach at any point

4.1.2. Motivate members of my Faculty through praise and knowing they're appreciated

4.1.3. Lead by example - make sure I do everything I expect my staff to do

4.1.4. Listen to the staff Open to ideas and suggestions