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TutorReal Guru Marketing by Mind Map: TutorReal Guru Marketing

1. Content Marketing

1.1. Blog Articles

1.2. Guest Posting

1.3. Social Sharing

2. TutorReal Partner Program

2.1. Partner Benefits

2.1.1. More Trust and Visibility

2.1.2. Instant Extra Source of Income

2.1.3. Better Service

2.1.4. Digital Materials

2.1.5. Program Enhancement through Mutual Learning

2.2. Our Benefits

2.2.1. Much Less Marketing Effort

2.2.2. One Partner can provide Hundreds of Students

2.2.3. We can reach to the students who don't go online very often

3. Social Media

3.1. Everyday Social Media Posts

3.1.1. A different Post each day of the week (Image post, link share, text post, course promotion, slide show etc)

3.1.2. Well Researched Topics

3.1.3. Engaging Content

3.1.4. Appealing Creatives

3.1.5. Post on all major social medias (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter)

3.2. Facebook/ Instagram Ads

3.2.1. Ad Strategy and Goals for each month

3.2.2. Ad content and creatives

3.2.3. Ad Types: Lead Generation, Post Engagement, Demo Class Registration, Course Promotion, Page Likes

3.2.4. Ad Monitoring and Regular Report

4. SEO

4.1. Result in 4 months (15th September)

4.1.1. Page 1 Ranking for at least 5 Keywords

4.1.2. Ranking on top 3 pages for at least 20 Keywords

4.1.3. Expected Traffic is 30 new visitors every day

4.2. Result in 7 months (15th December)

4.2.1. Page 1 Ranking for at least 15 keywords

4.2.2. Ranking on top 3 pages for at least 50 Keywords.

4.2.3. Expected Traffic is 150 new visitors every day

5. Email Marketing

5.1. Building an email database of right profiles

5.2. Auto emails on various topics

5.3. Course Promotion based on the Interest

6. YouTube Video Ads

6.1. Wide range of Audience

6.2. More effective as it plays video

6.3. Location and Keyword based targeting

7. Strategic Roadmap

7.1. Critical Goals

7.1.1. Smooth functionality of the systems, tutors and customer service

7.2. Strategies

7.2.1. Social media, personal contacts, develop institutional partnerships, promotional associates

7.3. Tactics

7.3.1. Product enhancement, Market development, Go to strategies, SOP, institutional partners, referrals, customer management strategies, Diversification of services

7.4. Potential Roadblocks

7.4.1. Maintaining strategic partnerships, meeting the targeted goals

7.5. The Milestones and timelines

7.5.1. Refer the Excel sheet