Plan To Travel Thailand

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Plan To Travel Thailand by Mind Map: Plan To Travel Thailand

1. Prepared By:

2. What solution that we will solve it in the travel?

2.1. Check List/ Arrive early before flight at airport( 2 hours before)

2.2. Be friendly with driver/ Ask the question

2.3. Use body language/ Use modern language translator

2.4. Searching the place that you want to go it/ Don't be alone

2.5. Make sure the person that we ask is local person

3. What problem that we will face in the travel?

3.1. Forget passport

3.2. Cab drivers that you sense are not talking you the most direct route

3.3. Learnig the basic lingo at the country you just arrived it, like 'hello', 'please', 'thank you'

3.4. Not knowing where the dangerous areas in the country you are visiting

3.5. Meeting the wrong people when they give wrong suggestion or direction

4. Chai Jia Yun 259504

5. Siti Nurafiqah Bt Rozlan 259084

6. Muhamad Zakwan Bin Ahmad 259297

7. Nuruathirah Bt Rahim 259044

8. Nurul Najwa Najihah Binti Yusri 259775

9. Prepared To: Dr. Mohd Hasren Bin Yusuf