internet and web

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internet and web by Mind Map: internet and web



1.1.1. programs that provide access to web resources and allows you to surf the web by easily moving from website to another HTML: Commands to display web pages Web pages: present information about the site along with references Hyperlinks: Connects to other documents. CSS: Control the appearance of webpages JavaScript: Language used with HTML documents to trigger interactive features AJAX: used to create interactive websites that respond quickly Applets: used to present animations, display graphics, provide interactive games and much more.


1.2.1. designed to run on portable devices

2. E-mail

2.1. transmission of electronic message over Internet

2.1.1. client based e-mail accounts: require a special program example: Microsoft outlook

2.1.2. webmail: do not require e-mail program example: Gmail

3. ISP

3.1. The most common way to access the internet is through an Internet service provider (DSL, cable and wireless modem)

4. internet

4.1. large network that connects small networks all over the globe launched in 1969.

5. web

5.1. provides multimedia interface to resources available on the Internet introduced in 1991

5.1.1. Web generations web1.0 web2.0 web3.0

6. Messaging

6.1. 1- Text messaging is the process of sending short electronic messages using wireless connection

6.2. 2- Instant Messaging (IM): allows two or more people contact each other via direct, live communication

7. Social Media

7.1. From web 2.0 applications. Social networking sites focus on connecting people and organizations that share a common interest or activity Example: Facebook

8. Search

8.1. Search services: operate website that can help you locate the information you need.

8.2. Spiders: special programs continually update the search services database

8.3. Search engines: provide special programs that you can use to locate specific information on the web

8.4. Search engines: specialized programs to help locate information Specialized search engines: focus on subject-specific websites

9. E-commerce

9.1. The buying and selling through the Internet

9.1.1. 1- B2C Business to consumer

9.1.2. 2- C2C Consumer to consumer

9.1.3. 3- B2B Business to business

10. Cloud Computing

10.1. Shifting many of computer activities from user's computer to other computers on the internet.

11. Web utilities

11.1. Specialized programs that make using internet and web easier and safer

11.1.1. Plug-ins: are programs that are automatically started and operate as a part of your browser Example: Acrobat reader, Flash player and QuickTime.

11.1.2. Filters: block access to selected sites

11.1.3. File transfer utilities: Downloading and uploading 1- File transfer protocol (FTP) and (SFTP) 2- Web-based file transfer example: 3- BitTorrent distributes.

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