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Intelligence by Mind Map: Intelligence

1. Definition

1.1. The ability to learn new tasks and everyone learns differently.

2. Components

2.1. Learning abilities

2.1.1. People learn new information in different ways.

2.2. Adaptive

2.2.1. Flexiblity to respond to different situations.

2.3. Prior knowledge

2.3.1. To understand new situations.

3. Questions/Critiques

3.1. Instability of IQ scores in infancy and early childhood.

3.1.1. Of coarse it will be this way because children are still growing and learning.

3.2. IQ scores are a predictor of future achievement.

3.3. Socioeconomic status can reflect a person's IQ score.

3.4. Males and females have about the same intellectual abilities.

4. Gardner's Multiple Intelligences

4.1. People have more specific abililities in certain areas than others.

4.1.1. Linguistic

4.1.2. Logical-Mathematical

4.1.3. Spatial

4.1.4. Musical

4.1.5. Bodily-Kinesthetic

4.1.6. Interpersonal

4.1.7. Intrapersonal

4.1.8. Naturalist

5. Children

5.1. Experience

5.2. Environmental

5.3. Heredity