model of system development

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model of system development by Mind Map: model of system development


1.1. requirement

1.1.1. design development testing

1.2. advantage

1.2.1. project objectives clear

1.2.2. project requirements stable

1.3. disadvantage

1.3.1. time consuming

2. JAD

2.1. process

2.1.1. find purpose, objectives, plan list, process models do detail data, process models and interface

2.2. allows people to resolve difficulties more simply and produce better, error-free softwar

2.3. Different opinions within the team make it difficult to align goals and maintain focus

3. RAD

3.1. analysis

3.1.1. develop,demostrate, refine cycle testing deployment

3.2. Systems can be developed more quickly with significant cost savings

3.3. Might allow less time to develop quality, consistency, and design standards

4. Agile Development

4.1. Process

4.1.1. Get Requirements Develop integrate and test Release feedback, review and accept

4.2. Advantage

4.2.1. Customers could modify or add requirements at any stage.

4.2.2. Customer could check software release and revert feedback

4.3. Disadvantage

4.3.1. Is hard to estimate the effort required for the software deliverables at the beginning of the software development.

4.3.2. It need rich experience. so it is not suitable for new programmers.