Meryl Streep, Mariano Lara, Ivonne García, Ana Villar

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Meryl Streep, Mariano Lara, Ivonne García, Ana Villar by Mind Map: Meryl Streep, Mariano Lara, Ivonne García, Ana Villar

1. Mary Louise Streep was born in June 22, 1949, therefore she is 68 years old.

2. She was nominated for a record 21 Academy Awards, she has won three. Streep has also received 31 Golden Globe nominations, winning eight. Therefore, she is known as the "best actress of her generation"

3. She has been performing since 1971, therefore she has been an actress for 47 years.

4. She has two younger brothers, Dana David and Harry William III. Therefore she is. the oldest sister

5. The producers of mamma mia offered her the lead role because ofthey offered him the lead role in mamma mia because she was able to wow audiences in drama, comedy and musicals

6. In 2009, Streep took on one of the culinary world's most beloved figures, Julia Child. Therefore, she had to learn a lot about cooking

7. She has been selected for many musicals because of Meryl's early performing ambitions leaned toward the opera.

8. She has more academy awards nominations than any other female, therefore she is the best actress of her age.

9. She is been married since 1978, therefore she has been married for 40 years

10. She´s been awarded the presidencial medal of freedom because she has done a lot of things for society.

11. We suppose that she is also known as the Queen of Hollywood because of his talent

12. We suppose she is in favor with the feminist icon gloria steinem because of the many roles she has played

13. She is a perfect actress that can change the world

14. All of her movies are very good and interesting

15. Besides being a very good actress, she is honorable for the country.

16. If she quit cheerleading for opera, we can change parties for studying

17. If she said we can achieve all of our dreams, then nothing is impossible

18. since mamma mia is very good, I’m sure every word in it is perfectly written

19. OMG! Everyone loved how she was dressed at the Oscars

20. Everyone thinks she is the best at musicals

21. If she could find herself acting, we can find ourselves in any other aspect of art

22. If she can win US$50 million per movie, a lot of actors and actresses can

23. All of the audiences admire the way she gives life to every character