Marty McFly

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Marty McFly by Mind Map: Marty McFly

1. Fernanda Macias Torres A01366663

2. Argumets

2.1. Inductive

2.1.1. His brother started disappearing from the picture, therefore, everyone will disappear

2.2. Deductive

2.2.1. Hill Valley is a small town, people knew each other, therefore, everyone knows everyone

2.3. A pari

2.3.1. He never got to his first class, thus, he will fail it.

2.4. A fortori

2.4.1. If his dad was picked in high school, a fortori he should help him

2.5. Cause-effect

2.5.1. Because his parents weren't together he will not exist in the future

2.6. Contrario seunsu

2.6.1. He is a nice guy, comtrario seunsu, the ones that aren't his friends are not nice guys

2.7. Disjunctive

2.7.1. Did he save Doc from dying or did he die? Doc didn't die, the Marty saved him.

2.8. Monotonous

2.8.1. He might have saved Doc but truly, Doc saved him.

2.9. Conditional

2.9.1. If his brother hadn't crashed the car, he would have driven it.

2.10. Signs

2.10.1. His mom thought his name was Calvin because it was written all over his underwear

3. Fallacies

3.1. Suposition

3.1.1. He's a trouble maker

3.2. Exaggeration

3.2.1. He will be the greatest musician in the world

3.3. Ignoratio

3.3.1. He's failing all his classes

3.4. Ad populum

3.4.1. He's not a bright student

3.5. Ad hominem

3.5.1. As he wants to be a musician, people do not take him seriously.

3.6. Generalization

3.6.1. All McFly's are lazy and dumb do not have proper jobs

3.7. Appealing to authority

3.7.1. He really looks up to Doc

3.8. Straw man

3.8.1. His mom fell in love with him even though he wasn't interested

3.9. Personification

3.9.1. Einstein, the dog, was a scientist

3.10. Improper use of words

3.10.1. "You scared the hell out of me"

3.11. Equivocation

3.11.1. Black people aren't important, therefore there cannot be a black person.

3.12. Composition

3.12.1. Marty was lazy, so every teenager is lazy.

3.13. Division

3.13.1. The car looked great, Doc might have taken a whole life to make it that way.

4. León Nieto A01366727