How did Sir Charles Baskerville ACTUALLY die?

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How did Sir Charles Baskerville ACTUALLY die? by Mind Map: How did Sir Charles Baskerville ACTUALLY die?

1. 1. Sherlock Holmes and Watson find a walking stick with initials and bites marks on it.

1.1. They are challenged to find out what the initials stand for and have determined the bite marks came from a smaller dog.

2. 2. Dr. Mortimer shows Holmes a manuscript.

2.1. The manuscript describes a legend where the Baskerville family is haunted by large dogs or beast-like creatures.

2.2. Sir Charles's cause of death was by heart attack.

2.3. Dr. Mortimer finds Sir Charles's death to be eerily similar to the death of Huge Baskerville from the manuscript legend.

2.4. Dr. Mortimer asks Sherlock Holmes for his assistance in an investigation.

3. 3. Sir Henry Baskerville arrives to Baskerville Hall to accept his heir.

3.1. When he arrives, his boots go missing, causing another small investigation.

3.2. Dr. Mortimer and Sir Henry leave the hall; followed by Sherlock Holmes and Watson.

3.3. Clue: Holmes & Watson notice that Dr. Mortimer and Sir Henry are being followed by a cab.

4. 4. Who was in the cab and why were they following Dr. Mortimer and Sir Henry?

4.1. Clue: The man in the cab has a bushy black beard

4.2. That man tells the cab driver his name is Sherlock Holmes.

4.2.1. He tells the cab man this because he knows the real Sherlock Holmes is following him and will ask what his name is, letting the REAL Holmes know that the bushy black bearded man is onto him.

5. 5. Who are our possible suspects at this point? (All are close neighbors to Baskerville Hall)

5.1. Mr. & Mrs. Barrymore

5.1.1. The butler and his wife

5.2. Dr. Mortimer

5.2.1. Highly unlikely

5.3. Mrs. Mortimer

5.3.1. Also very unlikely' we don't know much about her

5.4. Stapleton

5.4.1. Local scientist

5.5. Stapleton's sister

5.5.1. An attractive young, local woman

5.6. Mr. Frankland

5.6.1. A nearby neighbor

5.7. Seldon

5.7.1. A psychotic killer who is on the loose, causing high security in the area

6. 6. Watson runs into Stapleton & his "sister" while walking through the moor.

6.1. Turns out, his sister is actually his wife, Beryl.

6.2. All three of them hear a low howl, assuming it is one of the vicious hounds but Stapleton insists it's a bird of some sort.

6.3. While Stapleton is walking nearby, Beryl warns Watson "Go straight back to London instantly."

6.3.1. When Stapleton returns to the path, she changes the subject and says she was just introducing herself to Sir Henry. She did not realize that she was actually speaking with Dr. Watson, not Sir Henry;

6.3.2. Beryl is acting very strange and suspicious.

7. 7. Barrymore family has also been acting very strange.

7.1. Mrs. Barrymore is assumed to be the woman who was crying at the end of Chapter 6.

7.1.1. Maybe crying because her husband recently committed murder?

7.2. Contrary to previous understanding, Barrymore was NOT at Baskerville Hall to receive the telegram in Ch. 5

7.2.1. Could he have been in London spying on Sir Henry?

7.2.2. Was his wife the one who received the telegram at Baskerville Hall, trying to cover for Barrymore?

8. 8. Suspicions with Stapleton

8.1. Sir Henry is clearly falling for Beryl

8.2. Instead of Stapleton encouraging his sister to marry, he tries to keep Beryl away from Sir Henry. (Because we find out Beryl is ACTUALLY his wife, not sister.)

9. 9.Suspicions with Mr. Frankland

9.1. Mr. Frankland is another nearby neighbor

9.2. He loves causing lawsuits and is interested in astronomy - always having a telescope on his roof

9.3. Mr. Frankland has been spending lots of time using his telescope to look through the moors, searching for Selden the murderer.

10. 10. Suspicions with the Barrymores

10.1. Sir Henry asks Barrymore if read the telegram that was sent to him.

10.1.1. He says no, that he was too busy and let his wife answer it instead.

10.2. Barrymore asks Sir Henry if he suspects him of anything.

10.2.1. Sir Henry then offers him some of his belongings to Barrymore to prove his trust in him.

10.3. Watson thinks back to Mrs. Barrymore crying back in chapter 6

10.3.1. He says he has seen her crying many times since this incident.

10.4. Watson hears something outside his room the next morning.

10.4.1. He looks out to see who it is and it is Barrymore creeping along the hallway to an empty room.

10.4.2. Watson watches Barrymore stand in front of a window with a lamp in his hand.

10.4.3. Barrymore stared out into the moor for a while before groaning and putting out his light. VERY strange.

10.5. The Barrymore's are eventually caught creeping out the window again with the lamp.

10.5.1. Sir Henry accuses them of conspiring against him and fires them both.

10.5.2. They insist all they were doing is protecting Mrs. Barrymore's brother (who turns out to be Selden, the escaped murderer).

10.5.3. Watson and Sir Henry grab a light and a gun and head off to the moor to try to hunt down the escaped murderer, which upsets Barrymore.

11. 11. Barrymore shares some secrets.

11.1. Barrymore tells Watson that before Sir Charles died, he found a piece of his burned journal in a fire. Signed by L.L.

11.1.1. Turns out this is Laura Lyons, Mr. Frankland's estranged daughter who had been receiving money from Sir Charles before his death.

11.2. Barrymore also tells Watson that there is another man living among the moors besides Selden.

11.2.1. Watson makes it his mission to find out who the other man is by searching the moors and finding his secretive stone house.