My personal network

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My personal network by Mind Map: My personal network

1. My cousins

1.1. My cousins can be really good references on resumes and also they work in pharmacy/ medical field so learning from them if i were to go in to med would be excellent (David Lpn nurse)

2. Mom/Dad

2.1. My mom and Dad (alden and eva) both through work have many contacts that can introduce me into anything i want to try at for example BCIT, Medical field etc.

3. My Doctor

3.1. Last person i would ask to ask for a volunteer opportunity in the med field only because his my family doctor I have great faith in the people he know in the medical field around Kelowna and he would be glad to help with me shadowing the med field. (Dr. Hugo)

4. My Chiropractor

4.1. My chiropractor Isn't a family friend but close so resume wise and referral would be swell. Not only a great resume referral but as a Chiropractor he has met ALOT of people in different fields which means I'f i really wanted to and i started a conversation i could get a referral or job shadow any where. (Chris)

5. My friends Daniel/Natasha

5.1. They too work at hotels/fast food so why not use them if needed if i need a second job at a hotel (Daniel) or tim hortons (Natasha)

6. Alex

6.1. Alex is their motivational support and advice. Alex could help refer me to people in the sports field (Kelowna falcons) he also is just cool guy that would be willing to help overall around the sports area in kelowna

7. My Brother Christian

7.1. Can overall help me grow and help with resume and drive me to interviews etc. Not only can he provide transport but He as a University student can refer me to professors to shadow them for a day or two to understand that topic!

8. My Dentist

8.1. My dentist is super nice and I've known him ever since I've gone to the dentist so I would ask what school and pre requisites he took etc. (Dr.loo)

9. My manager's at wendys

9.1. Most of the managers at Wendy's have second jobs else where, were i can ask to be refered to (Ariel,Philip,Haidee,Pam)

10. Japanese teacher Mrs.Baerg

10.1. If i want a Japanese volunteer / job she can refer me as a Japanese student that is ready to talk and teach in Japanese etc. (I can only use her for Japanese type connections because that's all I know her for.)

11. Mr.Werry/Mrs.harvey

11.1. As teacher they have just as many or I think more connections then My parents, since they are teachers they meet people with different interests. They also can give me great advice on what to do for anything

12. Counselors

12.1. Counselors at the school will always be there and their always willing to help students find their passion and reach out to sources to boost them. so why not use them.