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My Personal Network by Mind Map: My Personal Network

1. My Mom

1.1. She can help me connect with other people to make it easier to find a job. She knows a fair amount of people so she would be able to connect me with people fairly easily.

2. Brother

2.1. He can help with connecting me to other job opportunities.

3. My Best Friends Matthew and Kyle

3.1. They can help me with finding companies that are currently hiring. They can also give me motivational support if things don't go the right way.

4. My Grandpa and Uncles

4.1. They can help me with revising my resume to make it more applicable to my current skills.

5. Mr. Williams

5.1. He can be a reference on my resume to help me get a job.

6. My Dad

6.1. He can drive me to any interviews I might have after handing out my resume. He can also give me a job working for him because he is a drywall installer and I have worked with him before. He also knows a lot of other people such as company owners that he could connect me with so I could find a job much easier.

7. Karen Nonis

7.1. She can help me by being a personal reference for my resume to help me be hired since I have worked for her in the past. She is also the owner of the Kelowna Falcons.

8. Dan Nonis

8.1. He can provide me with a job over the summer so I can make money while helping him at the Kelowna Falcons games. He is also the owner of the Kelowna Falcons and I have known him for almost eight years.

9. Darcy Ryze

9.1. He can be a reference on my resume as my employer. He gives me games to umpire so I am able to make money and I have bailed him out when someone couldn't make it to a game in time.

10. James Wood

10.1. He is one of my mom's college/university professors that is in the Dragoons. He would be able help me contact one of the recruiters there to help me get into the Dragoons.

11. Gil Howard

11.1. He served with the Dragoons for 18 years so he could help me with connecting to people there who could help me with preparing for training.

12. Kevin

12.1. He served with the Military Police for three years and is now in the RCMP. He is also an umpire which is one of the main ways I know him. He can help me by giving me tips on what I should focus on in terms of my career that I am going for in the military.