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My Personal Network by Mind Map: My Personal Network

1. My Mom and Dad

1.1. My dad works as a truck driver and my mom works as a fashion store manager. They could help me with finding jobs that I may not be looking for, but I like.

2. My Friend Josh

2.1. He works at Wendy's and can help me get a starting job.

3. My Uncle

3.1. He is an electrician and he can help me look for opportunities based around electronics in homes.

4. My Baseball Coach

4.1. My coach could search for local jobs that fit with my athleticism

5. Computers Teacher Mr. Major

5.1. Mr Major works with computers and he could help with searching for computer like jobs

6. Counsellor

6.1. Counsellors within the school have many connections to other jobs. They can help me look for the one I want and apply for that job.

7. Dentist

7.1. My dentist could inform me about new jobs around and help with organization and how to get them.

8. Mr and Mrs. Johnson

8.1. They are my mom's friends and can give advice towards applying for jobs.

9. Japanese Teacher Ms Baerg

9.1. She can provide jobs based around Japanese, or any language-based job.

10. Hairdresser

10.1. They could bring news about new job openings and offers.

11. Family Doctor

11.1. He could help in how to search for jobs and especially in medical profession.

12. Best Friend Daniel

12.1. Daniel got a job in construction so he can help me with how to find a job and what skills are required for construction jobs.