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My Network by Mind Map: My Network

1. Friends. A lot of my friends works and mostly all of them works it's either the Wendy's here in Rut land or by the mall. My friends can help me get a job at wendy's

2. My Uncle Edwin is very athletic person because when he was in my age he used to compete in school competition such as track and field and a former star of our province in basketball etc, managing a more than 20-30 medals. By his experienced he can help me how to become a better athlete.

3. My Mom Mary Grace works at Boston Pizza downtown and she's been working there for 9-11 years now, and she can help me go to work their and give me a part time job because she is like a manager their.

4. My Auntie. She graduated as a doctorate and doctorate is the highest award a doctor can get. By this she could help me in my journey of career and help me in a lot of stuff.

5. My mom friend daughter. She is a pharmacist manager and she could help me know a lot of stuff about it and guide me if I wanted to be like her.

6. Mr. William. He is my currently one of my teacher in my P.E class this semester and he could help me improved my athletic skills such as basketball since he used to be a player of our top University back in our country in the Philippines called " De La Salle".

7. My Uncle Rowel. He is a mechanic and I can help him in his job a bit since I know some stuff about it because I took auto tech class and learn a bunch of stuff.

8. Cash Carranza. He is a police and I used to like to be a police and he can guide me if later on I decided to be a police man.

9. My Auntie. My auntie is a nurse at our province best hospital and she can teach me a lot of stuff about what she do and about different kinds of medicine I guess.

10. My Uncle Jun. My uncle is a former point guard of our province basketball team and a coach and a referee. My uncle can help me practice and guide me through basketball rules and help me become good at playing basketball.

11. Tim Mcdermind. He is the pharmacist of the place I went for job shadow, and he can help me about what courses should I take and how will I be a pharmacist in case I choose that path for my future.

12. Mr. Relova. He is the counselor for I think the International students in this school and he is the same nationality with me so I think he can help me about my plan for graduate.