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Barakaldo by Mind Map: Barakaldo

1. Clara Campoamor

1.1. It's a Building in honour for Clara Campoamor a woman that it was a political, writer and advocate for women's rights.

2. Lasesarre is a stadium in Barakaldo, Spain. It is currently used for football matches and is the home stadium of Barakaldo CF. The stadium holds 10,000 spectators.

3. What things can you visit?

3.1. Barakaldo Theatre

3.2. Botanic park

3.3. Larrea Palace

3.4. Salesianos School

4. Restaurants or bars

4.1. Urban

4.1.1. Anesca

4.1.2. The Fundición

4.2. Larrea Palace

4.2.1. They have a lot of variettly of food

4.2.2. They sometimes have concerts

4.2.3. Upstairs there is a park for chlidren

4.3. Restaurant Sakura

4.3.1. It´s a japonesee restaurant

4.3.2. It´s a buffet restaurant

5. Barakaldo football stadium