Ticketebo - Oliver Hinton

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Ticketebo - Oliver Hinton by Mind Map: Ticketebo - Oliver Hinton

1. Guidelines

1.1. Anything goes!

1.2. No criticism or flaming allowed

1.3. The Wilder The Better

1.4. Quantity is Quality

1.5. Set a Time Limit

2. Old Job @ realestate.com in e-commerce division.

2.1. realestate.com began digitalising their marketing practices

2.1.1. DING DING! Ollie started thinking about other industries that could be digitalised. Ticketing was the next big industry to become digitalised in Ollie's eyes.

3. Ollie started looking into Digital Ticketing industry and saw people were beginning to move from physical outlets to the web and were doing it well!

3.1. Ollie also saw big ticket companies such as ticket master and Ticketek doing it poorly

3.1.1. Ollie decided this would be the opportunity for him to enter the market and innovate a ticketing company.

4. Ollie entered into the ticketing industry with a plan to innovate an online ticket service.

4.1. Ollie planned and analysed his competitors to develop a strategy.

4.1.1. Strategy was developed to differentiate based on a bespoke customer service online ticket and booking service for event organisers! This was a point of differentiation from competitors that represented innovation and had potential for demand!

4.1.2. Ollie's competitors were moshtix, try booking, sticky tickets.

4.2. All in the while, Ollie self- funded his venture costing $200k through selling his home and using savings.

4.3. Ollie had NO ticketing industry knowledge.

4.3.1. Ollie had background in tech but went in blind in the ticketing industry with no contacts. Ollie also had to learn the accounting, marketing, legal side of a business - he already knew how to pitch an idea

5. Ollie really grew Ticketebo from the ground up by himself, without family or friends support.

5.1. Ollie expanded to onboarding a silent partner after 18 months since he began his venture.

5.2. Ollie didn't pay himself for 18 months.

5.3. Ollie took major financial and career risks

5.4. Ollie showed clear characteristics of an entrepreneur - he was intensely committed and versatile.

5.5. Ollie also possessed skills required to be a successful entrepreneur - he was risk tolerant, independent and planned ahead.

6. 2011-2018

6.1. Ollie employs people under him to help with accounting, admin, and help desk inquiries.

6.1.1. Ticketebo's 1st office was located in the CBD in Williams street in a suite. Ollie moved offices in 2018 to be closer to his home, in Cheltenham. This was also an open suite with a kitchenette , a very large table for him and his few workers in an open space. Ticketebo Office in Cheltenham shown below: Ollies Ticketebo business card shown below:

6.2. Ticketebo runs major events in Australia such as "The Arnold Classic" and "The royal Bathurst show".


7.1. "Dream and build it"

7.2. "I did it all by myself"

7.3. "sold everything i had for this business including my home"