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Cheat Sheet by Mind Map: Cheat Sheet

1. Guaranteed departures 1 pax

2. Unique Selling Points

2.1. Only our passengers are able to cross the border here.

2.1.1. Other crossing north of here by car often has delays of 4-5 hours at the border - 30,000 vehicles daily?

2.2. One of the most unique border crossings around!

2.3. This is the only crossing through The Andes that allows you to sail across three lakes: Todos los Santos, Frías and Nahuel Huapi.

2.4. 2 National Parks

2.4.1. Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park Oldest NP in Chile

2.4.2. Nahuel Huapi National Park Oldest NP in Argentina

2.5. Connects two of most beautiful cities in Patagonia.

3. One way crossings between Puerto Varas/Bariloche

3.1. 364 days a year

3.1.1. Not 1 May

3.2. 12 hours, 8:30 am departures daily both ports

3.3. $280

3.3.1. Lunch/drinks extra

3.4. English/Spanish speaking guides

4. Overnight options enroute

4.1. Hotel Peulla /Natura new management July 2018. New activities in the national park being developed/ Hotel Blest has been renovated - very nice!

4.2. Peulla, Chile

4.2.1. Hotel Natura 45 rooms Rooms were surprisingly nice-- better than public areas, which should be renovated soon.

4.2.2. Hotel Peulla 35 rooms Rooms need work, charming old property - budget friendly.

4.3. Puerto Blest, Ar

4.3.1. Hotel Puerto Blest 15 rooms heated pool

4.3.2. In Nahuel Huapi NP

4.4. 1 night crossing/hotel $355 per person

4.5. 2 nights $430 per person

4.5.1. Chile: Del Salvador 72 , Puerto Varas Argentina: Miter 219 / Miter 150, Bariloche E-mail: [email protected]

5. Biking. It is possible to bike the land legs of this journey. We charge $120 for the boats. You bring your own bike and we can can recommend a biking operator for you.

6. When you get to Peulla, after lunch you have time to walk to the dock or to customs.