Google Docs: 5th Grade English Language Arts

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Google Docs: 5th Grade English Language Arts by Mind Map: Google Docs: 5th Grade English Language Arts

1. Learning Goals

1.1. Show proficiency in keyboarding skills

1.2. Improve writing skills

1.3. Facilitate group work

1.3.1. Learn how to share responsibilities

1.4. Monitor individual writing

1.4.1. Improve personal writing skills

2. Learning Activities

2.1. A group writing assignment could include writing about a research topic. For example, the Missouri River. Each member could have a different job. For example, one student could be in charge of the introduction, three students in charge of a body paragraph, and another in charge of the conclusion.

2.1.1. Students can practice applying the research process They can generate a list of appropriate topics, formulate an open ended research question, select relevant resources, differentiate between paraphrasing and plagiarism, and answer the question using the teacher's criteria.

2.1.2. Students can practice writing drafts and implementing prewriting strategies learned in class.

2.2. Individual book reports. This will allow students to write their reports at home and at school. Many schools in the Columbia Public School district are supplied with laptops. If students do not have access to one at home, they can always access their google doc at a local library.

2.2.1. This will develop and demonstrate reading skills by allowing students to draw conclusions and use evidence to support claims on the book they read.

2.2.2. Book Reports also provide evidence of reading if they are constructed properly.

2.2.3. Teachers should be cautious of students looking up book summaries online.

2.3. Google docs also offers a presentation feature. This is quite similar to powerpoint. Students could create a slideshow to present to the class over characters from a book they were required to read.

2.3.1. Students can show their understanding of vocabulary words by giving definitions in the powerpoint. They can identify the context clues that helped them understand the meaning. If they cannot find the meaning through context, students should be able to find the word in a dictionary.

2.3.2. Compare and contrast characters

2.4. Students can write a piece of poetry on google docs.

2.4.1. The poetry can be nonfiction or fiction. It should establish a setting and topic. Students should use narrative techniques learned in class. Students should also use a variety of transitions to manage the sequence of events.

2.4.2. Students can use pictures, color, fonts, and backgrounds on google docs to add creativity to the poem.

3. Teacher Roles

3.1. Emphasize that both the group and the individual will get a grade. Google docs allows the teacher to see who worked on what, and this will allow for an individual grade. However, the paper can be graded as a whole group too.

3.2. Help students learn how to divide work fairy. Discuss ways students can use their strengths with a group. For example, one student might excel in spelling and grammar. This student may help other students proofread the paper or presentation.

3.3. Make directions clear from the beginning but give students choice. For instance, "You must write about a president of the United States," however, you give students choice which president and what biography and information to cover.

4. Learning Assessment

4.1. Google docs can help students learn how to follow rules. They should be able to follow agreed upon rules for using technology.

4.2. If using google docs in the presentation aspect, students can be assessed on creativity.

4.3. Assess writing skills and grammar skills.

4.3.1. Students should be able to use a comma before a coordinating conjunction when writing compound sentences, use a comma to set off the words yes and no, use italics when keyboarding titles of books, magazines, and newspapers, and write an apostrophe in regular plural nouns to show possession.

4.4. Assess ability to work in a group and split up responsibilities.

4.5. Understand how to use an online resource to write and create powerpoints

5. The best way to facilitate group work is by assigning group work such as a group paper.

6. By assigning each student a specific paragraph to write, individual writing skills can be monitored for improvement and assessed for proper grammar and spelling.

7. By designating a student to a specific task in a group project the teacher can more effectively assess each individual student and the group as a whole

8. Students can improve their writing skills by learning how to do different types of writing such as poetry.