Weekly meeting

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Weekly meeting by Mind Map: Weekly meeting

1. Other issues

1.1. Ordering bigger table

1.1.1. waiting for approval from Jonas

1.1.2. no offer from Vilius

2. Ongoing projects/Upcoming projects


2.1.1. Bönsta. Panghus


2.2.1. 3.1. Project_Ostby_Alsike_Knivsta - potential owner of the project did not get

2.2.2. 5. Project_PK property/Panghus_Flerbostadshus_Nyköping there is not date 22nd of August meeting DropBox. Starting the calculation groundwork end of this year in august we should come with proposal first multistories building and then radhus in offer just work

2.2.3. 7. Project_Genova_Valsverket - 2019 March structure is clear update of the project is expected

2.2.4. 7.1. Project_Genova_Valsverket_Demo_version - 2018 summer

2.2.5. 10. Project_Uddevalla_Ostby - no feedback next week

2.2.6. 1X. Lund_project_Resona start in March 2019 scope: assembly houses, internal works

2.2.7. 1X2. Linköping_Panghus 15 for etapp, total 75 houses

2.2.8. 1X3. Gavle_Panghus


2.3.1. 12. Project_Panghus_Bönsta_Nyköping start on 30th of July draft of the contract v22 contract draft sent to Nerijus scope: internal works 12 houses

2.3.2. 2. Project_Imperia_Invest_Kungsljuset_2 start on 1st of September scope: internal works issue with living place for workers

2.3.3. 1. Project_Sparre_Vreede_Eskilstuna start on November interior, August - concrete scope: internal works, concrete, assembly proposal, sprinklers signed the contract by Sparre Vreede

2.3.4. 11. Project_Resona_Svininge start on September, foundation - W35 started scope: assembly houses, internal works to pay attention on look

2.3.5. 17. Project_Client Håkan_SÄLEN_3o4 start on July v31 - 43 ground work finish in March v35 -42 concrete v36 - 46 assembly v38 internal v7 finish approx. 5000 m2 of living area scope: ground works, concrete, assembly, internal works Site visit should be planned 6th of June as General Contractor OSTBY Ground works internal works Proposal next week w26 next week the contract 2nd of July start homeworks windows doors outside panels ackommodation start tomorrow

3. Information. Lessons leraned

3.1. OneDrive routine, presentation and implementation

3.1.1. NEXT will be implemented reduction of price under discussion we shall to to start asap for projects Salen and Resona. Potential support from September

3.2. Hilti program

3.2.1. Leo shall fix it for Vasteros v32 Bönsta: Aivaras is tracking tools by Hilti

3.3. Manpower control discussion

3.3.1. Discussion on hours control

3.3.2. Efficiency control 1st of September deadline the meeting tomorrow 13:00. Team

3.4. Tools control

3.5. Open issues:

3.5.1. Travel compensation Administration DECISSION. -0,5h all the rest flexhours Salen. traktament Workers Project Salen

3.5.2. Cars selection: pick up from office or förmånbil from new years

4. Status report

4.1. Department. Carpentry and painting

4.1.1. ISSUES to make reference surface in the house agree with Panghus report

4.1.2. RISKS

4.1.3. CHANGES

4.2. Department. VVS

4.2.1. ISSUES To write down avvikelse for dutch fixing

4.2.2. RISKS

4.2.3. CHANGES

4.3. Department. Cleaning

4.3.1. ISSUES

4.3.2. RISKS

4.3.3. CHANGES

4.4. Department. Tiles

4.4.1. ISSUES WB12 in Fullero ceiling issue

4.4.2. RISKS

4.4.3. CHANGES

4.5. Department. El

4.5.1. ISSUES Bönsta. there are open questions in Panghus list

4.5.2. RISKS

4.5.3. CHANGES

4.6. Department. Aftermarknad

4.6.1. ISSUES Loose mixers in the showers BKR - they said it´s true. Provide info for Panghus after meeting with Nerijus. car issue in progress to attach the box and write avvikelse Check ?? missing workers for Panghus office create a plan for Panghus when can we start. Discuss with Aivaras when he can borrow workers. Issues with Van Matern - he is not confirming ATA´S. Fighting all the time - Tadas in bad situatuon in front of clients. Trosa etapp 2 - repeating the same problem with tiles - mount it to betong not parquete. Trosa etapp 3 - bad quality silicone beneath the doors VVS guys (tile guys have good quality). Aivaras will inspect.

4.6.2. RISKS

4.6.3. CHANGES we improve the routine regarding Kakel - Tadas

4.7. Department. Project manager assitant

4.7.1. ISSUES Values. In case of any comment - email to Matea

4.7.2. RISKS

4.7.3. CHANGES

4.8. Department. HR

4.8.1. do we need helpers

4.8.2. introduction for new worker proposal to make it by team leaders mentorship draft will be sent by Dovile on 29th of June

4.8.3. meeting with workers next week

4.8.4. we have routine to inform when workers leaving company not working

4.8.5. proposal for meetings or sharing information

4.9. Department. Logisitic

4.9.1. to control tools in Nykoping or Salen

5. General information regarding projects

5.1. General information

5.1.1. 1.Progress: how many houses finished, working and left Resona : Client accepted the hinder, we will go with 4 foundation instead of 3 (from W38-2 days). We are gonna have one more hinder but client know about it.

5.1.2. 2.Progress: type of works performed on site in which houses

5.1.3. 3.Manpower on site: total, by departments Resona: We have enough manpower right now, for W41 Marius is informed

5.1.4. 4.Time schedule, checkpoints Resona: We have some changes in order of houses and we informed Masonite Beams about it and all plans are updated according that.

5.1.5. 5.Deadline for the project 14th of August efterbesiktning. Trosa3 Bönsta - 15th of November 1 etapp

5.1.6. 6.Delays Bönsta - 7 days of delays

5.2. Issues

5.2.1. 1. Efficiency - add feedback in Movenium we need to make drawings for control control in Bönsta according to stages

5.2.2. 2. Instructions for new workers Instructions on site. Monika will take over the task, Dovile will monitor. Monika will present the plan for each department-still working on it

5.2.3. 3. Quality issues Bönsta. Painting control inform Marius G.

5.2.4. 4. Safety issues routine: 1 time - notification, 2 time - 500 kr, 3 time - 2000 kr and leaving the site. Picture is a must as prove we have some pictures already as proves

5.2.5. 5. ATAs Bönsta. we have one unnapproved ATA for waterbox. Still waiting on the answer from Panghus Resona: we have 4 ATA´s, 2 of them are invoiced, all of them are approved

5.2.6. 6. CLIENTS issues missing confirmation for ATAs Aivaras - säker vatten (utkastare) Organise the roundtrips. First safety trip on Monday after the meeting. Safety protocol delivery by the client to El. Investigate notification for Panghus - Aivaras informed Panghus that we got materials and have no papers for it-no answer from Panghus To solve floor level. Tiles issue to get confirmation

5.2.7. 7. Other issues SALARIES. Some workers are unhappy with salaries. Aivaras shall check and be more specific Julius Zakas left already We are waiting for the first salary and then we´ll see the climate (right now is stable but not so positive) 2 VVS guys are leaving by the end of the month (one team leader and his assistant) - we must find 2 new ones, Marius already have some agreements. Holiday - logistics are not driving them anymore - they are unhappy because living place is too far from airport and not everyone has the driving license

5.3. RISKS

5.3.1. Bönsta. Delay for VVS because of leaving guys.

5.3.2. Bönsta. We have a risk for Arbetsmiljo

5.3.3. Bönsta. Delay due to shortage of manpower

5.3.4. ID06 receiver is not working - we informed Panghus, it´s already 3rd day that is not working and they didn´t do nothing still They want to change the system to some app Nuba

5.3.5. Resona : 2 of the houses we cannot start works because of lacking answer for protected tree (kommun)


5.5. OTHER questions


6.1. Bönsta. To start control leftovers - Aivaras will make a table


7.1. to present the plan for projects


8.1. to improve our quality

8.1.1. forbesiktning

8.1.2. internal forbesiktning

8.1.3. etc..