We Are Never Getting Back Together- Taylor Swift

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We Are Never Getting Back Together- Taylor Swift by Mind Map: We Are Never Getting Back Together- Taylor Swift

1. Narrative

1.1. Lip Syncing

1.1.1. Looks into camera lenses

1.2. Breaking up with her boyfriend but wanting to go back

1.2.1. Performance based as the band is shown a lot, also shows a lot of Taylor as they want to show her perspective

2. Camera Shots

2.1. Mid shots

2.1.1. Her ex boyfriend is looking through the window of a door at Taylor as he is powerless and locked away

2.2. Wide shots

2.2.1. They are both at opposite ends of the table, they are distanced from each other which could tell us a lot about their relationship. The man is wearing headphones and arguably is ignoring Swift, if this is so he could be said to be very rude and not understanding of the situation.

2.3. Close ups

2.3.1. Close ups of the man are shown however there are a lot of close ups of Taylor making us as the audience feel closer to her so we can sympathise with her as a character.

3. Mise En Scene

3.1. Taylor is always looking sophisticated in a red and white polka dot top, red lipstick and short skirt giving her a feminine touch. However the man is wearing casual clothes again showing he doesn’t make the same effort.

3.2. When she splits up with him, there is a party going on celebrating her freedom and her youth; their youth is also shown through mise en scene as most of the people are dressed in animal costumes, representing the situation at the party as just being fun.

4. Editing

4.1. Split screens of her and her boyfriend are shown to represent that they are both doing different things at the same time

4.1.1. We can see that the man has another lady all over him and arguably cheating on Taylor with this woman. The dark lighting of the club represents him as being a dark character and also dark secrets being hidden.

5. Overall Storyline

5.1. This video represents women as being strong and able to be independent as no man can ensure what they do.

5.2. The man is shown to be a stereotypical unemotional person who does nothing but cares for himself