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Electricity by Mind Map: Electricity

1. Static Electricity

1.1. Transferring of electrons from one place to another

1.1.1. When rubbing your feet on a carpet electons are transferred from the carpet to socks

1.1.2. Opposites attract to one another Like magnets

1.1.3. Same type of electrons will want to get away from one another Causing your hair to stand up on ends

2. Sources of Power

2.1. Fossil Fuels

2.1.1. Fossil fuels are used to create electricity by burning water into steam Steam causes turbines to spin Turbine causes magnets to move in a copper coil Moving magnets cause electrons to move creating an electrical current

2.2. Renewable Energy

2.2.1. Solar Panels

2.2.2. Wind Turbines

3. Conserving Electricity

3.1. Electricity accounts for roughly 29% of GHG Emissions

3.1.1. To help save electricity you can use LED lights and turn off any lights not being used

3.1.2. Not using as much electricity can help use less fossil fuels Turning off T.V. when not being used Turning off lights not being used Turning off appliances not being used

4. Connection/Previous Use

4.1. I've used electrical currents using wire before.

4.1.1. Used it in helping my gandpa with trains Trains are from 1970s/1980s

4.1.2. Multiple wires Male and Female plugs for the wires Attaching wires into male and female plugs Certain wires can work certain things attatching all red wires to one area and all yellow another Used to power tracks, lights and turn tables Everything connected to transformers and switch boxes

4.1.3. Had to check if there was an electrical current Multimeter

5. Circuits

5.1. Parallel

5.1.1. More than one flow of electricity More than one way to get electricy from one way to another An outlet is an example. You can plug in several things (But not too many)

5.2. Series

5.2.1. Single flow of electricity If broken the flow will stop Example being a light switch. If it breaks it cannot turn on and off lights