Clothing Cupboard

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Clothing Cupboard by Mind Map: Clothing Cupboard

1. Part I

1.1. a. Defining Possible Arenas

1.1.1. Technology

1.1.2. Key application from a "Whole product" perspective

1.1.3. Current of potential markets

1.2. b. Evaluating Attractive Opportunities

1.2.1. Porter's Five (Six) Forces Power of Competitors Power of Potential Entrants Power of Suppliers Power of Customers Power of Substitutes

1.3. c. Competitors

1.3.1. IKEA

1.3.2. Ideal Home Furniture

1.3.3. Court

2. Part II

2.1. a. Innovation Chain

2.2. b. TALC

2.2.1. Product of TALC

2.2.2. Crossing the Chasm

2.3. c. Disruptive Technologies

3. Part III

3.1. a. Positioning

3.1.1. Market Alternative

3.1.2. Product Alternative

3.2. b. Strategy & Predictions

3.3. c. Impact