Metaphor: Camera lenses

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Metaphor: Camera lenses by Mind Map: Metaphor: Camera lenses

1. Music: Anton Bruckner

1.1. Embedding German culture and his patriotism, Bruckner's music expressed his pride of german culture.

1.2. This shows shifting of the camera lens as such style was unique in its respective era. Similar to Jackson Pollock, Bruckner had different views and perspective of music and showed different ways to express oneself.

1.3. Lens of freedom of expression

2. History: Fall of Rome

2.1. The fall of most powerful and long lasting empire.

2.2. The history captured the fall of Rome like camera.

2.3. Notes the importance of taking a view with different lens to see the truth of why Rome faced downfall.

2.4. The use of different camera lens to see the world

2.5. Macroscopic and Microscopic lens

3. History: Chernobyl Disaster

3.1. Cameras recorded the Chernobyl disasters and broadcasted the tragic event to the world.

3.2. Showed the uses of different camera lenses. The lenses allowed to view such tragic event as a positive influence for future progression.

3.3. Through different lenses of camera, the world started to take initiative for safety of nuclear energy.

3.4. Lens of Positivity

4. History: The Korean War

4.1. The photography of the Korean war shows the disastrous effect of war.

4.2. Despite its devastating effects, through different lenses of camera that shows different perspectives, it is clear that the war also served to bridge the Western world and Korea.

4.3. Through different lenses of camera, it is able to perceive the Korean war as an positive influence for future as it connected the world to Asia. Furthermore, it impacted the my view to perceive hardships and tragedy as a stepping stone to progress.

4.4. Lens of Positivity

5. History: Eugene V. Debs

5.1. Dissenting from the status quo against superior authority of the elites, Eugene V. Debs viewed the world through different lens.

5.2. Likewise, he demonstrated the use of different lenses and adjusted/ reproached to the difference in the world like swapping the camera lenses.

5.3. Lens of Different Perspective

5.4. Takes a different view and perspective than majority. Allows me to take different perspective and not conform.

6. Art: Jackson Pollock

6.1. Through abstract paintings, he allowed the audience to use different lenses to capture different elements of the paintings.

6.2. This connects to the metaphor of camera lens as his painting encouraged artistic freedom. A camera has an ability to interchange its lenses according to its settings and his painting truly allowed the audience to have the freedom.

6.3. Lens of freedom of expression

7. Literature: One Hundred Years of Solitude

7.1. Through a new genre, magic realism, Marquez succeeds to provide a new perspective in viewing history. This corresponds with a image of camera lens as different "lenses" produces different results and views.

7.2. Lens of free expression

8. Literature: Crime and Punishment

8.1. The illustration of Raskolnikov shows the importance of seeing a person's inner conscience. Like a camera lens, certain things cannot be captured through certain types of lens and requires a different lens that is able to capture different views.

8.2. Macroscopic and Microscopic lens

8.3. Allows me to see the true value of people.

9. Literature: Common Sense

9.1. Common Sense by Thomas Paine depicts of looking at the future of America through a different Camera lens compared to other Americans who desired to remain under British rule. Such new view through a different Camera lens captured the corruption and sparked the desire for freedom.

9.2. Lens of Different Perspective

10. Literature: Odyssey

10.1. The story of Odysseus’ experience in the land of happiness: where he views the people of the land as poor.

10.2. Odysseus receives aid to return to his home from the people he looked down upon. This story corresponds with the camera lens, as his lens could not capture the true value of the people.

10.3. Lens of Equality

10.4. Allows me to emphasize equality no matter how inferior they may seem.

11. Service Learning: America Wheat Mission

11.1. Serving in America Wheat Mission allowed me to take a different camera lens in viewing other people. Rather than viewing the outer appearance, a different camera lens allowed me to see the true value of each child with special needs.

11.2. This shows the application of the all the other lenses in real life.

12. Art: Greek Art

12.1. Such idea is furthered in the learning of Greek artworks. The profound emphasis on perfect ratio prominently illustrates an equal representation of each portion of the body and face

12.1.1. The part of the body that may seem insignificant is also illustrated in perfect symmetry.

12.2. Lens of equality

13. Art: Manifest Destiny

13.1. Macroscopic and Microscopic lens

13.2. angel leading people to the west. The Continuous analysis leads to new perspective that we can see the animals and tribes fleeing unlike the white people.