Trigeminal Nerve

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Trigeminal Nerve by Mind Map: Trigeminal Nerve

1. Tympanic Cavity

2. Ophthalmic Division

2.1. Nasocilliary Nerve

2.1.1. Long Cilliary (Symp) Dilator Pupillae Cilliary Ganglion

2.1.2. Sensory Root Cilliary Ganglion

2.1.3. Infratrochlear Adj. Part of Nose

2.1.4. Anterior Ethmoidal Ethmoidal Air Sinus Nasal skin & Mucosa

2.1.5. Posterior Ethmoidal Ethmoidal Air Sinus Sphenoidal Air Sinus

2.2. Frontal Nerve

2.2.1. Supratrochlear Nerve

2.2.2. Supraorbital Foramen Supraorbital Nerve Forehead Skin Upper Eyelid

2.3. Lacrimal Nerve

2.3.1. Lacrimal Gland

2.3.2. Conjunctiva

2.3.3. Skin of lateral part of upper eyelid

3. Mandibular Division

3.1. Foramen Rotendum

3.1.1. Nervous Spinosus Branch Foramen Spinosum Meninges of MCF

3.1.2. Main Trunk Anterior Division (Motor) Deep Temporal Nerve Masseteric Nerve Pterygoid Nerve Sensory Branch Posterior Division (Sensory) Auriculotemporal Nerve Lingual Nerve Inferior Alveolar Nerve

3.1.3. Nerve to the Medial Pterygoid . .

4. Maxillary Division

4.1. Foramen Rotundum

4.1.1. Inferior Orbital Fissure Zygomatic Nerve Postganglionic parasympathetic fibers ZT Foramen ZF Foramen Infraorbital Nerve Infraorbital groove, canal

4.1.2. Pterygomaxillary Fissure Infratemporal Fossa Posterior Superior Alveolar Nerve

4.1.3. Pterygopalatine Ganglia Nasal Nerve Sphenopalatine Foramen Nasopalatine Nerve Sphenopalatine Foramen Greater Palatine Canal Greater Palatine Nerve Lesser Palatine Nerve Pharyngeal Nerve Mucous membrane of nasopharynx Orbital Nerve Periosteum of orbit

5. Otic Ganglion