Masters Of Education, Emphasis Instructional Leadership

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Masters Of Education, Emphasis Instructional Leadership by Mind Map: Masters Of Education, Emphasis Instructional Leadership

1. EDUC-660 Intro to Exceptional Children

1.1. An intro into the many challenges our students are facing who deal with a variety of mental and physical disabilities.

1.1.1. I learned in how to write an IEP and engage and prepare for an IEP meeting.

1.1.2. Here we also designed UDL. These activities allowed for me to better understand the ways I can accommodate and meet the needs of my special education students.

2. EDUC-623 Teaching Strategies: Secondary English

2.1. This course allowed for a deep dive into content specific strategies which I was able to use on a daily basis in my class.

2.1.1. Backwards planned a lesson to a unit where we were reading a novel. Gained good experience with backward planning and its benefits.

3. EDUC-790 Peace, Justice & Ed Reform

3.1. This course build my knowledge around CRT in the classroom and the systemic injustices still plaguing the ed. system. and some strategies educators can use to counter the prevailing narratives and stereotypes our students deal with.

3.1.1. After looking at many of the challenges students and teachers are facing we were given the task to create a school which would address many of the problems we talked about and see in our schools if money was not an issue. One of the books we read in this clsss continues to be something I review and look at. It is called "Fires in the Bathroom" by Kathleen Cushman. It is advice to teachers from students. Their insights and advice continually run through my head as I am planning my lessons, management systems, style of teaching and being, and the teacher I want to become.

4. EDUC-622 Secondary English Methods

4.1. This class gave me many strategies and motivation to try new strategies in my ELA classes and helped me to see how to motivate students to read and enjoy it.

5. EDUC-701 Educational Research & Design

5.1. This was a challenging course that was building on prior research classes I had taken in undergrad. It was a great refresher and helped me with APA format and proper research strategies and formulation

5.1.1. I personally am better able to analyze data and look at research best practices for my classroom and education. One important aspect as well was learning to make the variables measurable (ie. How do you quantify happiness, or what does student success look like?)

6. EDUC-712 Learning Styles Learning Theory

6.1. The research I did in this class was primarily around motivation.

6.1.1. One of the key takeaways for me was that all student behavior is diriven through motivation. You need to find out how to channel your students so that their motivation lines up with the things you want them to learn. I did specific research around how student teacher relationship increase students motivation to engage in class. There was a positive correlation.

7. EDUC-633 Diverse Learners

7.1. Increased my understanding of the needs of different students and the struggles they face and how educators can assist and be their advocates.

7.1.1. I created a presentation about the history of the laws of special education in the United States. Like many minority groups, the history of recipients of special education services was not very smooth.

8. EDUC-652 Multicultural Education & Diversity

8.1. A course that focused on the importance of CRT and the diversity in our classrooms.

9. EDUC-630 History & Profession of Education

9.1. How the system began and how it is still quite similar to how it was in industrial times. A serious reform needs to take place but the changes need to happen at a teacher classroom level as well.

10. Cultural, Social, Justice Learning

11. ELA Content Specific Courses

12. SPED

13. Research Design

14. EDUC-794 Culminating Experience